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do any of you use Locus with openflightmaps? I was curious if it would work with Locus and if so, then how.
The provider offers data as EPSG3857 tiles, mapbox tiles and geotiff, besides some -for me- totally unknown AIXM LH, ARINC424, OPENAIR, CUP formats.

Do you have info about this?


I have not been following the newest versions of Locus unfortunately but I have noticed a bug that may have started to appear in Locus. It can be a bug in the source website, in my code, or in Locus. I have tried my best to check the source code and it should not have changed important parts that could influence this phenomenon.

The problem: the geocache icons are replaced by the folder's icon in which they are imported

Steps to reproduce:
1: download my file:
2: import it into Locus (I have tried it with Locus Pro 3.5.3, Locus Free newest beta and different devices)
3: see the result:
All green and multi cache icons are gone and the brown info icons of the folder are present. If I changed the folder's icon then it was visible on the icons on the map as well.

(Don't mind the reddish screen it is because of the twilight app).

Menion if you have some time can you please look into this? As far as I know the source website has not changed since it was working properly (the last time that happened it was visible and came to the sunlight very fast) and my converter has not changed either. Nevertheless it can still be a problem that is not in Locus.

Quote from: Docharkheh
another very important question:
i just lost this morning my entire backup, export, mapsVector folder an some ohter data on SD kard! how is it possible? what should i do now? losing these folder far from home could be hopeless!

sorry, that i did not write in right folder in forum, i just do not know, how!

How did you lose those? Locus has never deleted anything by accident on my phone. I have been using it for two years. (you can always backup those folders manually by copying them)
Free chat / download help
May 16, 2014, 12:17:22
Can someone please download this cache for me and upload it here as gpx?
This site is getting more and more unfriendly if one does not want to pay... It's been a while since I used it but I want to see how the gpx file differs from another. I can download the cache with c:geo, however I cannot see any gpx file that I could use that's why I ask for your assistance. Thanks in advance!
Wishlist / GPS auto SRTM altitude
February 26, 2014, 21:44:18

Would it be possible to use SRTM data in altitudes? I know one can fill it after a track has been created. However I have not found a way yet to do that real-time while hiking/cycling and the data normally recorded is not precise, as my phones capabilities are not outstanding in this aspect, no matter what I set in the altitude manager.
So is it technically possible to have an additional option next to optimize GPS altitude to instead of optimizing it would allow to:
a - optimize (nothing changes to existing functionality)
b - real-time SRTM data update while en route (would consume mobile data)
c - real-time SRTM data update while en route if offline downloaded hgt files are present (for example from

If that is not a viable option, can track recording have an option to auto fill the altitude once the recording has been saved?

Wishlist / Minor UI improvement ideas
February 26, 2014, 21:29:34

1, in my opinion the track screen has got a problem: the two buttons on the bottom are difficult to differentiate, see the two attachments below.
screwdriver -> I think something related to settings (see e.g. KDE:
cog -> I think something related to settings (see e.g. Mac:
So basically the same! I don't know why the options inside them are differentiated since they are some kind of settings related to the track. I usually forget which one is which one and click on the other. Can we merge them (the two menus) together into one button?

2, This is just to think about it, if you happen to touch it sometime in the future: the GPS button in the main screen. Short press: opens GPS screen, long press: GPS menu, which includes: turn off, settings, information. The main problem is that it takes two clicks to turn on or off the GPS. This might be a design intent, but somehow I feel that this can be implemented better.
Short press: gps screen, long press: gps on or off.
Information option is not really useful, it tells only something that is in my settings that can be checked by scrolling through gps related options in the settings. The change menuitem is unavoidable now I believe, so I don't know how it could be made better (only if it is fixed there in that position that no user can change, but I would not change it that way since Locus is flexible that is the best in it)

3, GPS screen itself. If you tap the circle: turns on/off GPS. If you tap the button in the bottom, it turns on/off GPS -> duplicate function! However I'm missing one featture here: Locus is able to download A-GPS data, and it would be nice to be able to force download to redownload it "reset a-gps data". Can we change either the button or the circle to this? Or is it possible to add it to the menu of the screen below "manual"?

Any feedback is welcome :)
Maps / Openmaps proper installation for Locus
January 12, 2014, 10:07:48

I have just come accross this:
Downloadable vectormap for central Europe, with SRTM and theme for best visual, and the best of all: with installation instructions. I was so happy to find it all together :)
I was wondering if it is possible to replicate the height rings inside Locus for vector maps, that have srtm data. I mean the lines that connect the points that are of identical height on the image below (e.g.:440m, 460m, 480m).

It would be more helpful than shading if I zoom in. Just a quick question, I don't know if it is map, theme related or possible at all, that's why I am asking :)
Have a nice weekend all :)
Wishlist / [SOLVED] Download maps deeper
December 04, 2013, 12:39:52

I occasionally run into the problem that I have a map downloaded to a certain detail level due to size limits. However I do not know if it is possible to download the map to a deeper level later on, when the limit has passed. Same selection, not changing anything, not redownloading the higher levels, only the lower ones. Is it possible with the current Locus? If not would it be possible to implement this functionality?

Thanks in advance!
Wishlist / Live tracking defaults
September 04, 2013, 20:36:07

I have a simple but useful wish: would it be possible to make Locus come with the live tracking service pre-configured for the site? I mean we would not have to enter the details that are here: I often changed the phone rom recently and I usually forgot to set this up and it was not possible while en route. But if everything were pre-filled (w/o the id of course - placeholder would mark its position) it would come handy.
Troubles & Questions / addProvider Messages Bug
March 22, 2013, 21:00:42

I have just upgraded Locus to the newest version. After starting the app, it came alive normally, however, I keep getting messages (a lot, I have closed it now and they are still coming (more than a minute), their message says:
"addProvider(, duplicite! Already"

Maybe it has got something to do with my maps? How can I help?

Now they have stopped, but after having restarted the app they came back again, even with the app stopped by holding menu button long and swiping it to the right from recent apps. I guess it triggers a lot of error messages which may not be handled properly by android as they are appearing even with the app long gone. Or maybe this is intended to be so, but then the error message is not properly sent (sent a lot of times). Please see the screenshto attached.

No matter how many little problems like this arise, you are still the best with an awesome app ;) (and support too :) )
I just wanted to tell you that now it is all right. I was annoyed at first about the buttons, but since they have. Ibeen moved to the bottom they are hidden at first sight, so I guess it is acceptable.  :-) just wanted to tell you here not on fb and I like the new style :-)
Wishlist / Geocache browsing/tab switching
October 27, 2012, 10:50:28
just a quick idea: would it be possible in a future version to switch between geocache information/listing/logs by swiping to the left/right, like in the mapsmanager?
I don't know if it is technically possible, but it would be useful if this would work.