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Troubles & Questions / Routing -- Use last known GPS-position
« on: February 24, 2013, 17:46:46 »
Hi menion,

when calculating a route to a specific point and for the field "start" I have "GPS" selected, then the route will only be calculated as soon as locus has a GPS fix. Often I want to calculate a route while still being in my appartment or an hotel where I have a (free) data connection.

I wish that Locus would use the approximate position or may be even the last known GPS position as a starting point. Up to know I have to select the starting point from the map, which is tedious and not necessary.


Troubles & Questions / Barometer, Nexus 7
« on: February 22, 2013, 15:14:05 »
Hi menion,

the Nexus 7 has a builtin Barometer. I checked that it is working using the app "SyPressure". In Locus Pro the option "air pressure" in the menu "Sensors" is greyed out and the checkbox "activate pressure sensor" is unchecked. Is this a bug or intention?

Thank you!

Right now the button to fast switch maps is displayed in the top-left corner when I zoom out to level 1. This is not comfortable. I hope you would present this button on something like level 6. As an alternative you could make the button visible, as soon as no map-item is rendered on the current screen (when I zoom out and then move the map in some direction).

Thank you for considering!

Troubles & Questions / Navigation: no voice
« on: August 11, 2012, 15:53:37 »
Hi Menion,

in the meanwhile I tried the navigation of Locus Pro several times. Unfortunately I never hear any commands. I tried to disable and reenable the sound, even downloaded the czeck voice from the shop to switch from the phones tts. I have a Galaxy S2 with original firmware 4.0.3 and use the latest official build from the Android Store.

Please let me know what kind of further information you need to fix this bug.


Hi Menion,

today I observed how the vector map is moved "piecewise", when you travel for example by car and the map is centered on my position. As soon as my position is updated (the GPS interval is propably critical) the map is moved and the new parts are rendered. This results in "stuttering". My idea is to introduce a smooth rendering by applying a refreshing rate greater then 1 Hz (may be 5 Hz). This has to be of course evaluated concerning cpu-usage and is only necessary, if the map is moved. I guess it should be possible to estimate the direction the map has to be moved.

This is of course just an idea for you to consider.


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