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Hi all,
I'm using LOCUS Pro very often on my smartphone during bycicling for geocaching >> POI alert on

To save battery power I would like to put screen off. It seems POI alert isn't working then?
Anybody has a hint?
Hi folks,
since a while  - don'the know the reason - the download of (bicycle) tracks from Gpsies are not working anymore.
Whatever track I choose, it will appear as "Hirschbergrunde ..." and it's shown everyone the very same track - whatever I download into whatever folder.

Since some time I'm not able to upload field notes which I wrote as offline logs when I'm back at home and logged in to my WifI network.

Code 3: Message token is expired

But I'm still Premium member of ??!
Dear all,

I'm new in this forum and only used Locus Free so far for geocaching; so pls forgive me if I post silly question(s)

I'm currently using c:geo and Locus free in parallel. Reason for this is, that Locus (free) don't show either listing and (spoiler) pictures nor comments for mysteries.  >>> > for example I tried GC3NHHW << but c:geo do  and works fine.

Since I find it awesome to switch between c:geo & Locus I planned to upgrade for Locus Pro. I installed Pro version and checked it out but have had the same mysterious trouble: no listing, no picture no comments :(

Can anybody give me a hint if it's my fault and -if- what I need to change to make it happen ?

Thanx in advance