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dear community,

this is my first post to this board but i am already a rather long therm user of locus and liked it from the start and even more how it evolved since then.  :D
however, three issues i was wondering for a while now are still around motivating me for todays posting, maybe someone can point me to a solution:

 :?: 1. auto-backup
what i've been wondering about for a while now is where the settings/menu for the automatic backup on startup is hiding itself.
i have the 'settings for experts' (under settings -> functions & modules) box checked and upon each startup i can see that there is a new created correctly at '/mnt/sdcard/Locus/backup/auto'. within each of those .zip archives there is a single fie called 'tracks' containing my recorded tracks.
when i go to menu -> funtions -> backup manager and scroll down to the bottom of this dialogue i see a section called 'automatic backup' with the following entries:
  automatic backup - enabled
  backup every 1 days
  setting - no
  points - no
  tracks - yes
  wms - no
but there is no option to alter those setting here and i can't seem to find it anywhere else in the settings (e.g. settings -> miscellaneous). also in config.cfg i couldn't spot any keys to configure these. any hints how i might do this?

 :?: 2. sharing to ubuntu one cloud service
when sharing exported data or map-center i get a selection of (compatible) installed applications on my device such as email-programs, skype, dropbox (which i don't use any more) and the like. one link i am missing here is the one of the ubuntu one cloud storage client for android ( ... roid.files) which i have installed and which works nicely so far. i don't know if programs being listed in these share-selections need to advertise any specific service or identifier or wheter locus has some sort of list of programs it can pass data to. please let me know how this works and if something needs to be changed on the side of the u1-client.
ps: i know i could alter the export-folder in config.cfg and set it to the u1-folder but the problem here is that the current u1-client does not actively sync folder contents but needs to be made aware of files that should be added. its the same with google drive for android, dunno about dropbox but i would like to not use another cloud service in order to keep some overview.

 :?: 3. sending the current position to other locus-user(s)
what would be the fastest way to send a location (point) to another user (e.g. via some xmpp-chat-service) so that user can import this easily to the device running locus and e.g. set a guide to it? i know there is the possibility to easily share the map center (as plain text-coordinates, geohash-url, google-maps-url) or a stored point (as geohash-url) but i am lacking a simple way to import this into locus on the other side. is there a way to do so without too much hassle? i am dreaming of something like a specific locus-namespace-url which directly opens locus with the new point imported so there is no need to save everything to a file (gpx,kml), attach the file to an email, save the attachment on the other device and finally import it into locus.
a typical use case for such functionality would be to guide someone else ad-hoc to a certain location/meeting-point which has no address or visible fixpoint and where a guidance would be the easiest.

thanks a lot for reading all this text and if possible for any hints helping me with this.
regards, anti