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Hi, I'm new here - I was not able to post this in the wishlist section, sorry...

I am using Locus for only two days now, so my observations have to be called "limited" ;) My greatest problem for now is to find the right way to the existing function of the program -- even all needed functionality is available, it is sometimes difficult to get it, here are some examples:

• different menu styles - I like the full screen options, so the map screen is nearly perfect (the main options is also full screen, but do not show an arrow to indicate the active menu), but there are also (at least four) other types of dialogs: the 6 icon options in a window (when clicking on the locus icon), the function list and the nearly empty database screen with just 4 icons and the GPS/compass window). Maybe some of the menus could will get the same look and feel like all others (I would merge the main menu and the database menu together into one single full screen menu for instance).

Just one example for the different behaviour: the map selection screen looks really good for me, all informations can seen (or nearly all, e.g. an additional symbol or color shading could indicate, if cached tiles exist), the maps are seen in a structured way, great. When using the show/hide map filter from the main settings, a long unstructured list of maps are seen on the screen, which makes it complicate to select all maps easily (I would enhance the map selection screen to do this in a more comfortable way)

• icons - identical icons do different things (map), colorful and black&white icons in different styles can be seen. All visible map icons take a lot of space (function bars on top / bottom / right side) especially on tablets a lot of icons would have space on the top (I would like an permanent "settings" icon there).
Fine: all function bars can be configured to be hidden after some seconds, which is fine - maybe they should be displayed also automatically, after a menu has been opened, for me it would also be nice if a single tap on a screen corner would bring up all icons again.

• tapping - I was wondering, why a double tap doesn't zoom into the map, which is used in google maps.

I know, it is not that difficult to find a hair in a (brilliant) soup, anyhow I want to give some hints, which hurdles are seen for a new user (the first impressions may decide, if a product will be bought :roll: ). Anyway, I have licensed the app already because of it's brilliant possibilities (and I am quite sure, I haven't found all of them for now) and I think, it was a good decision to do so 8-)