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Hi guys,

Today I did a long distance trip with my bike and I used the the navigation feature (not guiding).
I cycled in the mountains and there are a lot of possible ways to go and unlucky as it is it happens that I took the wrong direction. Now I try to explain my problem, because I am not native English speaker it is a bit difficult for me.
I found out that with navigation the phone direction doesn't matter. Locus shows the direction of the route. If I get off the route as it happens in the mountains Locus doesn't rotate the map as I move, it keeps locked in the route direction. The only thing what happen is, that I can see my location going away from the route but the map isn't rotating. Also the line for the view direction is locked to the navigation route. At the end it was very difficult to find the correct way back to the route because the map wasn't rotating.
The next thing I found out is, if the route has a change from one side of the street to the other, the map rotates, in the direction of the navigation route. If i reach a point ie for turn right 90° the map is rotating automatically in the direction not caring about the fact, that i am still moving straight forward.
Maybe I've set something wrong in Locus and I hope someone can help me.

If you want, I try to make a video.