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Ich habe das Problem das seit dem Update auf Locus 3.30.3 dieses nur mehr in englisch (Android 4.4.2) funktioniert. Versuche ich auf Deutsch umzustellen quittiert das der Menüpunkt in den
Einstellungen > Sprache/Einheiten > Sprache (bzw. deren englisches Equivalent)
mit der Fehlermeldung "This function requires Android 5.0 or higher"

Hat jemand das selbe Problem?

Nun ist das zwar kein essentielles Problem nur steht zu befürchten das der Support für Android <5 immer mehr gekippt wird - und mein Kyocera Rudgedphone läuft auf 4.4.2 und ein Ersatz ist nicht in Sicht.

Since the update to Locus 3.30.3 its no longer possible to switch the APP-Language in Android 4.xx:
 "This function requires Android 5.0 or higher"
.. and Locus is running in english only.


I tried to test the new Mapsforge V4 Multilingual maps, I'm just going to release, with Locus and cant find the language switcher any more.
As I tested the V4-maps a year ago the switcher was located in the mapmanager in action menu right of the mapname. When I klick on "Details" the languages available in the map are shown but I cant switch between those.

I'm pretty shure that I miss something, where is the language switcher located in the latest version of Locus?

The ML-Maps for testing can be found at OAM-Website / Downloads - klick on the "+" symbol left of the mapname and then on the red download button.
... unzip, copy, aso...

Troubles & Questions / Heartrate no longer works in dashboard
« on: December 27, 2016, 17:20:40 »

My heartrate does no longer show up in dashboard, it stopped working with latest update.
The Zephyr pulsbelt shows up in the bluetooth manager, right values are shown - however in dashbord "0" shows up.

This worked flawless so far and works fine in Zephyr testtool, Orux, BT-Terminal.
System Android 4.4.2, no firmware updates made for a long time.

I'v made a new dashboard from scratch - again no chance..
What I'm doing wrong??

I've got it, location services have to be enabled.

Best regards and a happy new year

Developers / Problem with action-scripts on Android6
« on: July 31, 2016, 16:38:18 »

A user of Locus/OAM reported that a combined action script downloading a map + installing themes does'nt work on Android6.
He have all folders on default places, all on internal SD.

Action scripts installing one item at a time work - maps OR themes are working.

Unfortunately I can't test this couse of the lack of an Android 6 device.

Could please anyone try to install eg. CanaryIsland from this page:
click on the "+" symbol left of the map-name and chose "Install on Locus"
Both the map and the Elevate/Elements theme should be installed.
This works without Problems up to Android 5.#.#

It would be very helpfull if some user report if this works or not (and on which device)


Developers / Protokoll of BT4 Speed & Cadence Sensor
« on: April 12, 2016, 13:51:59 »

I want to use the Dashboard to display Battery Voltage and aktual Current of an EBike.
In the Bluetooth manager there is a Speed & Cadence Sensor defined.

So my Question is how to fake a Speed & Cadence Sensor using an  Atmel ATTiny + a Bluetooth4 Serial Module.
Does anyone know the protokoll such a sensor is using (probably serial??) and the sequences that have to be provided?

Themes - Vector maps / Scaling of svg's in Themes ?
« on: February 02, 2016, 14:08:06 »

I'v tried to scale Icons (svg's) with the OAM Elevate Theme.
There is an option at settings > Map - ojects & style > Map icon size
However it does not work with the Elevate Theme

and under settings > Map advanced > Vector Maps there is only an option for Text size

Is there a way to scale svg-icons in Custom Themes?


As you probably know the themes for the OpenAndroMaps are maintained by Tobias since 2013. He
  • created and constantly improved the Elevate / Elements Themes,
  • created variants for different Display resolutions
  • added the layer feature which is, thanks to Menion, fully supported by the regular Version of Locus Map
  • redesigned all Icons
  • maintains map legend and description
  • aso..

I kept the Andromaps_## themes up to date as far it was possible.
However my resources are limited and the Elevate/Elements Theme is lightyears ahead of the Themes I started with so its time to announce the EOL of the Andromaps themes.
I encourage all users to switch to the themes of Tobias (in fact I, by myself use the Elevate). As I said - the Quality is far ahead of the old ones.
The Andromaps-Themes will stay part of the ziped maps for compatibility reasons, but - new map features will only be added to the Elevate/Elements.

What is the difference between Elevate and Elements:
- Elevate is designed for usual Maps in urban areas where Details appear in higher zoom levels for better overview
- Elements should be used in wider areas like north of Scandinavia, South America, Australia, Canada, Iceland, Russia, aso where its essential to have all Details in lower zoom levels.

For anyone who prefer the old Andromaps Themes: These will work with future Versions the OpenAndroMaps as long as no essential change in the structure of mapsforge will take place.

Place for download and direct install of the Elevate Themes:


Troubles & Questions / Suunto Ambit3 as external GPS ?
« on: September 07, 2015, 12:37:41 »

I'm thinking about buying a Suunto Ambit3 (currently I use an Ambit1 and I never had such a reliable Sportwatch bevore).
The Ambit3 has the ability to communicte with a smartphone over Bluetooth4, sending GPS-Position. (and heartrate, aso..)

This would be a great battery saver for the Smartphone.

So: can anyone confirm that LocusPro can communicate with an Ambit3, in a reliable way, using the Ambit3 as an external Bluetooth GPS?

Troubles & Questions / @Menion: Issue with mapsforge writer V4 and V5
« on: December 09, 2014, 12:01:19 »
Hi Menion,

There is an issue with the new MapsforgeWriters.
I posted it here:
while Ludwig posted the reason here:

It affects Locus too, while there are no white tiles, the affected Tiles are nearly empty.
Please could you take a look at this issue, it would be fine if you stay compatible with the openandromaps.
The new writer is way faster than the old one and handles complex geometry much better - so i would like to stay with the V5 writer.

Thanks and best regards,


There is a new generation of maps upcoming in the next weeks.
No big deal for you - the old Themes will be 100% compatible with the new maps.

However, the last couple of weeks (weekends ;-) ) I changed the structure of my rendering system.
Now its possible to assign special tagmappings to individual maps with ease, and the simplification-factor too.

Next weeks will see maps with contourlines starting at zoom-level 8 (major/medium) 11 (minor) for maps covering wide empty areas.

Starting with iceland (ready for download) with new contourlines, tags like helipad, shelters, alpine_huts, peaks, volcanos at very low zoom-level and a simplification factor of 3.

There are some additions/changes neccessary for the themes, basicly adding code for contourlines from level 8 on and adjusting the zoom-mins.

The whole posting and a preview of the new can be seen here:

Troubles & Questions / Locus Actions crashes APP
« on: December 29, 2013, 11:13:34 »
Hi Menion,

I tried to implement the Locus:Actions for downloading and installing OpenAndroMaps themes to locus.
Well, it crashes Locus (the actions from Freizeitkarte too).

Sometimes Locus says that an error occured, sometimes it crashes hard.
There is no errorlog in /locus/logs

Phone: XperiaActive Android 2.3

Code: [Select]
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

(klick on Android-Phone symbol)

I tried various encodings, unix and dos EOLs, size tag, - no luck

Best regards,

Themes - Vector maps / Docu for OpenAndroMaps
« on: December 29, 2013, 11:05:07 »

I'v published the basic settings (Tag-Transform, TagMapping) of the OpenAndroMaps to make live easier for everyone.
(you have probably seen this already)

Last weeks there I added numerous tags and transforms to OAM so the section contain a changelog too.

Best regards,

Hi Menion,

I noticed that caption are rendering left bound (at least since a couple of weeks) - in standard Mapsforge these captions render centered.
While this is usually no big issue it affects the cycle nodes which consits of a circle with the number of the node rendered into it.

This looks not very pleasing in Locus.
Is this a bug, or in other words if you changed the renderer - is there an option for the theme to render those cycle nodes as it was in earlier versions of Locus?

Themes - Vector maps / andromaps_hc now standard for openandromaps
« on: December 02, 2012, 18:22:48 »

It is time for a new theme for the maps on
The first theme (cycle_hc) is'nt suitable for the new maps which now include:
- cycle_routes
- hiking_routes
- sac_scale
- mtb_scale
- aso....
Of couse the maps are still for cyclists.
However, with the new updates they developed more and more into a complete solution for all outdoor enthusiast.

So the new name of the theme is andromaps_hc, it's an all_in_one theme covering all kinds of activitys while avoiding overweening features and provides still high-contrast for smartphones.
I'v taken some (ähmm, a lot?  :oops: ) elements from the volatile-theme from jusc - I love how he renderes roads  ;)

In Detail:
- cycle routes are still rendered as in the cycle_hc, this means as dotted lines
  light blue=rcn
  dark blue=lcn and routes with no valid network tag
- MTB_routes render as green dotted lines
  mtb_scale = 0 > light green
  mtb_scale = 1 > green
  mtb_scale = 2 > dark green
  mtb_scale = 3 > very dark green
  mtb_scale = 4-6 > dark green with 30% more distance between dots
- Hiking routes: dashed lines cross the ways
  red > Internatiol und National hiking routes (iwn,nwn)
  ligth blue > Regional hiking routes (rwn)
  dark blue > Local hiking routes (lwn) and all hiking routes without valid network tag
- sac_scale is assiged to footway|paths
  for a detailed description about the rendering rules of the sac_scale please visit
- cliffs are added, however its a little bit crude (Its impossible to assign a waymark to the direction of a line in mapsforge)
- alpine_huts now render reliable (same for pois bound to ways)
- towns,villages now render at lower zoom levels providing a much better overview
- a lot of minor improvements like addition of historic railways, mountain railways, some buildings, aso...
- aso, aso....

The theme is available on the download page:

The old cycle_hc is still valid for cycling, but its no longer maintained.

The latest Version of the theme is here for download: ...

The latest mtb_theme is here for download: ...


@Menion, if you like to add this Theme to the shop - its free for all _and_ will face only minor modification in future. mhh.. hopefully  :mrgreen:

Maps / Vectormap of CzechRepublic now with kct_ Tags
« on: November 17, 2012, 13:10:10 »

The resolving of the hiking routes now respects the special tagging of the czech hiking relations.
The routes tagged as kct_red=major now are translated into (hike)network=nwn and all other routes with kct_*=major are set as (hike)network=rwn

This results in at least two times the amount of redered hiking ways in the Czech Republic (3200 resolved hiking relations)

The National Park "Thayatal" now renders correct in Mapsforge, I repaired the wrong tagging in the OSM-Database.

Any feedback to further improve this map is highly appreciated.

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