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Hi guys,

I have this problem for month: About every second time I use Locus for track recording during biking, I notice after some time that my position on the map gets "frozen", that means the map on the screen will suddenly move no further. I have to stop track recording and close the app and after a restart track recording will work fine. This problem only appears once on a tour, never had it twice. It mostly appears after about 20 min of biking, but today for the first time it was later (after about 50 min). First it happened in january, I think (Locus Version 2.9 or so), so I first thought it came from low temperature but it also happened with more warmth and no update since cured the issue. Complete reboot of my phone didn't help either.

Any of you masters of Locus got an idea? It's really ennoying 'cause every second or third track recording is spoiled.

Locus Version 2.12 and vector maps from

Thanks joa

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