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I'm using my Motorola moto E as a bluetooth gps with either GPS over BT or BlueNMEA. Locus on my tablet  detects the external gps, shows the name of the device and gets a fix. Whe I move however, the position on the Locus map is not updated. The bluetooth connection is still valid and the coordinates on the gps device (moto E) have indeed changed: checked with GPS Status. I do not understand why the position is not updated in Locus.

I've tried reinitialising the gps data in GPS staus and rebooting all the apps concerned, when I restart Locus it re centralises the map on the first fix, I must hard reboot the tablet to have a new fix from the bluetooth gps!

What am I doing wrong?

Following sdcard problem I deleted Locus pro now cannot reinstall with latest version as I have only Android 2.2. Has someone an older version apk compatible with Android 2.2?
Troubles & Questions / locus, sdcard or phone u/s?
September 22, 2014, 21:35:49
I'm trying to change osm vector maps in the sdcard/locus/mapsvector folder. I delete a map, put in another then disconnect the phone from the computer. When I access this folder either from Locus, or a phone file manager, or from the computer, the changes have disappeared and the folder is as before!
What is screwed up? The sd card, Locus or my phone?(a 4 year old nüvifone a50). What is advisable, format the card and reinstall Locus?
I've started contributing and updating OSM maps using of course local knowledge. Are these maps automatically converted for Locus as vector maps by someone?
I've recently used some french vector maps for Locus ans would like to add many missing small roads ans paths, "Languedoc-Roussillon and Rhone-Alpes".