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Wishlist / Estimated time
« on: June 04, 2012, 20:49:29 »

Is there anybody who knows if other then the time/distance rings is possible to add to this view also the estimated time of arrival to a scrolled point ? Maybe is somewhere in the settings, but couldn't find this. This is very useful for aviators where the control tower asks for an estimated to a point.

This can be either time in minutes to reach the point or time refered to actual clock time (this is better).
For example: 10 minutes would be 10:20 ---> 10:30[/color]

Thanks to anybody!

Wishlist / GPX Import Extensions
« on: March 14, 2012, 14:55:43 »

I have bought Locus Pro and I should say it's a wonderful product!
I'm an Android developer too and I would like to use Locus for aviation purposes.

I've tried to import a GPX file which contains "extensions" in the schema downloaded off the widely used ""
Unfortunately they provide the ICAO ID of the airport as name so it's quite difficult to find an airport by remembering this code, the full name is indicated in the <cmt> field.

Is there any way to switch some information ? Also will be useful to import the extended data (frequencies - runway orientation and so on..), this is a piece of xml:

Code: [Select]
<wpt lat="46.031889" lon="12.596472">
<navaid:name>PAGLIANO E GORI</navaid:name>
<navaid:frequency type="APP" frequency="120.125M" name="APP"/>
<navaid:frequency type="CLD" frequency="122.100M" name="CLNC DEL"/>
<navaid:frequency type="GND" frequency="122.100M" name="GND"/>
<navaid:frequency type="ATIS" frequency="129.300M" name="ATIS"/>
<navaid:runway designation="05/23" length="8551" width="144" surface="ASP">
<navaid:beginning lat="46.023333" lon="12.583889">
<navaid:ending lat="46.038889" lon="12.608889">

Thanks anyone for any help!

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