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Locus Map Watch / Locus Waer available Data fields to display
« on: February 11, 2019, 16:24:21 »
 is there a list of the date fields which are availble for display on the Locus Wear add on?

I'm just searching for a replacement for my Bike Computer. 

Special interest data:
-current Speed
-current altitude
-average speed
-trip evaluation gain
-trip distance
-trip time (duration)
-current hill slope / gradient   (Steigung/Gefälle) like: 5%
-current heartrate]

I  know these values are available in Locus Map , but are they alsoi in the Wear app?

Regards Ralf

Troubles & Questions / GPS paused ????
« on: October 15, 2018, 11:50:32 »
Hello ,
I'm using latest  Locus on my Nokia 8 (TA-104) with Android  8.1.0.

The following behavior I could not solve jet:
 During track record, when I stopped for a while, Locus loses GPS connection (Organe GPS-Icon) and in Locus I have to "Deactivate /Activate" GPS manually to get it working again.

Locus Settings for GPS are all regarding "Allways on":
- No auto off
- GPS on during track record
- GPS on  during Navigation
Battery optimization is disabled for Locus and also for "LocationServices" (just tried it but no change :-[ )

Any ideas???

Regards Ralf

Troubles & Questions / Disable "Next" lock screen during Locus use
« on: April 23, 2018, 21:51:48 »
Hi together,
Since recent I use the lock screen "Next" from Microsoft.
It works fine in general.

But when I'm recording with Locus I don't want any lock screen coming up. 
 It works fine for the standard one, which comes with the phone, but not for the "Next" lock screen by MS.
BTW: I dont't use any security mechanism with the lock screen.

So any ideas??


Troubles & Questions / Navigation did not Start
« on: January 13, 2012, 12:49:24 »
I use Locus in German on Galaxy Note.
Map is an offline OSM map.

If I want to use navigation, I can input the staring and the final destinations. If I click on the CarFast, CarSort, Bike or walk buttons, Locus show me a dialog that something is loading but it happens nothing (Tested Wifi and Phone connection).
This happens for CloudMade and Yours.
If I choose MapQuest. The system will also show the same message, but i disappears after a while. But no Navigation is started.

What is my mistake?


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