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Wishlist / offline use of topograhical maps like in apemaps
« on: January 03, 2012, 21:33:26 »
I like your app very much for MTB and hiking. Since last year when I started using locus, possibilities of downloading maps dissapear more and more (what as I understood, is not your fault, of course!). As I could not find a good topographical map containing height information for offline use I looked for other applications (sorry :-)) and found apemaps, where I can download some type of map which looks like a scanned topographical map and provides all information like paper maps for hiking do.(hiking paths..)
Map is called or Could you provide a possibility to use these maps in locus pro? locus is much better than apemap and I don't want to change.
Also it would be good if one could import topographical cards from KOMPASS or DAV (even if one has to buy these cards, just like in apemaps)

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