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It would be nice to have the area info saved in the Information applet of created line.

The recent update of Locus is really great, I use it every day, really nice.
Is there a way to convert e00, shp and gdb to sqlitedb for locus?

I'm a bit of a tech-tard, I understand simple terms and explanations.
Implemented / Measure Azimuth and Distance
January 01, 2012, 03:14:10
Having the ability to measure azimuth and distance would be a great improvement on this nifty app. Currently it only functions when the GPS is on and only works from the GPS location with reverse azimuth. The measure azimuth/distance tool in the OruxMap app is very intuitive but the app itself is quite lacking though a simular tool in Locus would be very useful. Or a code could be added in the Add New Route feature so the azimuth would show up where the Distance and Area is displayed in the upper left side of the screen. And it would be nice to have an additional option in "Settings/Localization/Lenght units" for the distance feature to be able to show in feet and meters in lengths over a 1000 feet, like up to 10,000 feet or infinity.

Thanks! you're a genius!