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The new quick-hide-category feature is really good, however:
Using the old icons just doesn't make sense.
1. in the points tab, all icons are points => no information
2. in the tracks tab, all icons are tracks => no information
3. in both cases, toggling visibility for individual items is by a blue checkbox (perfect)
4. you have to use this special hyperdrive dimension-jumping animation just to explain that this icon actually means a checkbox

=> please change the icon it to the same blue checkbox icon like for individual items, 4 points solved, no need for help explanation
Maps / Correction for Hungarian hiking maps
December 28, 2012, 20:17:52
The Hungarian hiking maps has moved from the hostcity link to

Here are the links from the website's source:

the normal one

the relief shading one
XML: ... borzattal/

Actually, there is a chance that Locus is already using them, since the hostcity server seems to be down and Locus' one still works fine. In this case it's just the description what should be updated. I believe these are the correct ones:
Name: Turistautak (Hungary)
For the zoom, layer 18 is a bit more detailed than 17 (look here: but not too much. I'd set it either to 17 or maybe 18.
I'm trying to change the auto backup settings. I tried to look everywhere, I've even googled it: ( but to my biggest surprise, the feature mentioned on that page just doesn't exists. There is no frequency, no set button, no anything. It's just a read-only mode for the auto-backup part in backup manager. Is this on purpose?

I've tried looking in settings (where I think it should be), but there is nothing there. I think the best thing would be one more link at the backup part saying "automatic backup settings", or something similar. And in my opinion, the read-only auto-backup part could be removed totally from backup manager.
Troubles & Questions / 1.6.1 deleted everything!
November 03, 2012, 08:32:45
I've just updated from 1.5.x to 1.6.1 and now all my tracks and points and categories are gone! The files are still there in sdcard/Locus. Maps are OK.

I just wanted to report how much I like the new category dialogs, but it seems that the merging didn't happen well! Can you send me some versions from 1.5.x to try to re-install that and see if I can get back the data? I'd be happy to help debugging!
This is the most common usage scenario for devices with wifi-only capabilities: You are at home, at the wireless network. You need to go somewhere so you generate a navigation path there. The only thing you know is where do you go, nothing else. You don't have GPS signal, as you are indoors.

The problem is that the navigation now has some bug and it doesn't take wireless information into account, only GPS. Even though it asks for "confirm using wireless position" or something similar. But after it, it doesn't use it. It starts looking for GPS. The only way now is to actually hack it with "map center" or with creating a temporary point where you are. None of them really easy.

I'd recommend two things:
1. Fix this bug and use wireless just like GPS and how it should work. Rename the GPS setting to "My Location". It's even better as Google Maps uses now "My Location" in the direction planning, making it easier for users to find it.
2. Make the default setting in the From part to be "My Location". Obviously you're most likely to plan from My Location, if not, you are using some advanced track planning way (i mean new track, + point, + point, +, +, navigate).
I'd like to use Google Maps navigation with Locus. My problem is that it's not possible at the moment. The best idea I could come up with is to save a navigation to My Maps but when I import it in Locus, it only imports a straight line between start to end, not the actual navigation.

If the API is similar to the web interface, then the fix is to use the link on the left, not the right on this image. The right only contains endpoints, the left contains the actual track.
Troubles & Questions / 2.6.0 map folder bug
August 30, 2012, 13:40:49
In 2.6.0 the map loading has a bug. This is the most I could figure out: if there is no maps, but only subfolders in the mapsVector folder (maybe it happens with others map types too), it doesn't display any map. Also, it is not possible to add any additional map folder either in setting or in map "add folder" dialog. Every time I try it there is some "unable to process map" or something similar error.

The fix seems to be to have at least one map in the root map folder.

So if I have

-> subfolder
    - map1
    - map2
    - map3
^^^ it doesn't work.

- map1
-> subfolder
    - map2
    - map3
^^^ it works. Now it's even possible to add sub-folders to map-watch.
Its not a clear feature request, but a suggestion for re-thinking some things which are now based on old concepts. I know there have been different requests about for example making the tracks into categories, just like the points, what I would strongly support, as when you import say 100 tracks there is absolutely no way to delete them, except to try to figure out which one was imported, one by one. The way it's done with points is the proper way to go in my opinion.

But for this whishlist, I just want to mention, that the whole database part is extremely segmented now, and is really really difficult to oversee once you really start using Locus. At the moment, all these functions behave in a slightly different way:
- database - tracks
- database - points
- maps - map elements
- temporary elements
- MyMaps export (why is it not called import???)
- categories for track
- categories for points
- startup phase for loading some elements (like in the database)
- startup phase for loosing others (like in maps - elements)
All these things are actually connected to what elements are visible in the screen, but they are scattered in a million places and all behave a bit differently.

What I'd like to ask is to make a clear new idea / design / architecture for all the database elements. I think as a general idea there should be a clean screen, giving us all the options we ever do with elements, and would consist of a clean design with only 3 tabs:
1. Points - with categories
2. Track - with categories
3. External elements
    -> here goes all elements, what are not static in the database but are from datasources
      A. from files / directories, like elements now
      B. from MyMaps
      C. from any other online or virtual data source

The points and tracks would have the same tree-like structure, with folder level and element level selection. All selection would be just a simple tick-box! No more change category, select all, change category, deselect all.
The temporary elements could be just one category for points and tracks.
The external elements would remember the state on startup. For example you'd have a folder on your SD card called: points, caches, tracks, etc. When you make a checkbox to a specific folder or file, Locus would load it up on startup. It might require some caching and looking at file size / file date change, but it's perfectly possible / not very complicated.
MyMaps elements would also load on startup, if there is network connection. If not they would just be using a cached version.
Exporting would work by clicking on any data element, or folder. Importing would have a button. The 4 button screen at the database now is very inefficient, import export doesn't need to be there and we need one more click just to do something.

This is my idea about how to make the database part better in Locus. I believe I'm an experienced Locus user and I find Locus to be more and more complicated to use with such a scattered database structure.

Here is my idea about a simplified, folder structured database screen.
Wishlist / Make lock and rotate button changeable
August 06, 2012, 22:36:40
I would like to request two very very small changes.

Since the "lock" button is no longer useful (auto-lock is a magic, thanks for it!!!), as well as the rotate button, what I've never ever used, can you make these two buttons changeable, like the top ones? It would be just a simple added functionality, without anything lost.
Other features / Locus works in VirtualBox!
July 06, 2012, 08:05:42
I just wanted to report that Locus works in the latest beta version of Buildroid! It is an ICS 4.0.4 image what includes the ARM translator "houdini" from Intel, and thus can ran ARM apps on a x86 ICS build!

Find out the beta build here:
And some information here:

BTW, is there any ARM specific code in Locus? If not, can you make it show up in the native x86 Google Play market? This way we could use it in this version:
I've always been having various problems with the rendering of the oceans / seas. Many times, Locus stopped rendering them. Sometimes by rectangles, sometimes by some crazy polygons.

However after the newest update, all the oceans /seas are just white / transparent. The strange thing is that lakes are perfectly visible in nice blue! It's somehow just the oceans what are not visible.

I've tried every possible theme, but the result is the same. All oceans white / transparent. I'm on the UK/Scotland map, but I think it's general.
I have been using Locus free for some time and finally 2 months ago I decided to buy the full version, because I have experienced it to be very stable and reliable.

However in the last two months there was an update which made GPS updating unusable. What happens is that if I set the GPS updating to 60 seconds for example, the GPS goes crazy. By crazy I mean that it gets offseted by 500 meter, and keeps providing location from 500 meter away! I mean the accuracy is good, but I am in a different area of the city than where I am. It mirrors the corners / straight lines just like normally, but in a different area of the city.

Also, you would think it is only Locus, but when I exit Locus and start any other navigation program, the location is offseted even there. The ONLY way to get back to normal GPS is to restart and set the GPS switching to 0 in Locus. But this way I'm ruining my batteries very very fast.

This have been working in all past versions, it's gone crazy only now.

Also, even in past versions I experienced a strange behaviour. If I set GPS switching to 5 or 10 seconds, than it forces the setting to other applications too, just like the bug now. So if I set GPS update to 10 seconds in Locus, it affects navigation in any other GPS navigation program too, until a restart. It means that for example if I use Locus for walking and I prefer 60 second update and long battey life, then when I go back to the car and start an other navigation program then that program also gets the 60 second updates, instead of the normal one. The only way to fix was to go back to Locus and set a 1 second update or do a full restart.

So in both the bug and in the normal way of working, Locus "hacks" the GPS and then forgets about it.

I am using HTC Desire with an AOSP ROM (Android 2.3.3, Kernel