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Hi all!

I'm about to go on a long biking trip, and I'm trying to optimize my battery usage. Recently I bought a premium subscription, and I'm super excited to test Locus maps full potential.

Is there a table showing battery usage per feature in Locus maps?

So far, I've noticed that Locus turn-by-turn sound navigation drains the battery (screen off). I thought I could use a different navigation method instead. I came up with the idea of combining 'Point alert' and 'Screen on/off control'(Turn on when notified of a point). So I mark turns with a point, and 50m before I reach the point, I get a beep and screen on for 5s.
Does it make sense?

Has anyone tried that approach to save the battery?
Is it possible for app developers to estimate the battery usage in these two cases?

LM varsion: 4.16.0
Android 13