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Wishlist / Clickable MBTiles
August 25, 2012, 09:54:00
Hi, in Tilemill it is possible to make clickable layers (teasers at hover or tap) and export these as MBTiles (see ... -clickable).

The MBTiles show perfectly in Locus, but the interactive part (the teasers) do not show. Would it be possible to implement support for this feature? It would expand the usability of Locus far beyond a simple map viewer.


Troubles & Questions / No full screen anymore
May 16, 2012, 19:48:44
Since the latest update, Locus shows this grey bar on top (grey with at left Locus icon, not sure how you call that bar). It does not serve any purpose but takes away screen estate.

Maybe it has to do with this option (which I never noticed before, but which I might have simply missed before) for full screen in the general option. Selecting it doesn't change anything though.

Using Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 plus with Android 3.2


Under review / attaching txt files to waypoints
September 20, 2011, 14:02:03
Hi, just bought the pro version, and I am really liking it. One feature I would really like to see is the option to attach (txt) files, similar to the option to attach (linking) pictures. Preferably the user should be able to select an existing one (using file browser), to create one directly and to edit already attached ones (by opening whatever text editor is the default on the device).

I am not sure the field notes (geocaching option) is something that could be used, as I have no clue how that feature works (which brings me to another wish, or question, is there a tutorial about geochaching in Locus?)