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Troubles & Questions / Set custom camera app
April 24, 2024, 14:30:28
Hi I'd like to set an android custom camera app for locus to use, as per expert settings>tweaks. How do I use it? I have copied what I think is the package name from the bottom of the app info in android settings, and pasted that com.intermedia, into the input in locus, restarted the app and still have the default camera.
Would be obliged for suggestions.
I'm struggling to find how to stop live tracking from starting at app launch. I've got it set up to auto-start with recording profiles but my new installation/phone starts it as soon as the app opens and I don't want that. I'm sure I've seen a setting for it somewhere but I can find it today. Can someone point me in the right direction please?
Morning, I have a question regarding the difference I have noticed in track length recording between my garmin forerunner 255 and my Locus map app. I did a walk yesterday and ran both at the same time. I walked either 9.7km or 10.9km (locus vs garmin). There are differences in length, elevation gained (locus vs garmin) 433 vs 509 but maximum elevation (locus vs garmin) 257m vs 268m. I know the platforms are different but this is over 10% difference, it's quite surprising to me. What can I do to find out which is most accurate?

Both tracks shown below.
Everytime locus starts it turns on geotagged photos. I turn them off in map-screen content but next time I start the app they are turned on again.
I have figured how to plot a bearing line from my current position using the "guide to" function. I'm just wondering if this type of function is available from a poi rather than current location?