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Troubles & Questions / UK OS maps not showing
October 30, 2022, 20:50:13
I wonder if anyone can help, I have 16 UK Ordanace Survey maps paid for and downloaded through Locas Classic,
My previous phone was the Pixel 4a and I never had any issues.

I bought the newer however Google Pixel 6a, and now only 6 of the 16 are shown, the other maps show grey tiles and "unknown problem" I did re download all the 16 maps from the Locus store and have re installed the app, but the problem persists,

I am aware there are updates for most of my maps, but these require re purchasing and I was under the impression that using older maps wouldn't be an issue. As an aside my 4 LoMaps and 4 OSM maps are working perfectly, so this seems to be a UK OS map problem

If anyone can give any pointers I would be most grateful, I have searched the forums but couldn't find anything that helped.

Regards and thanks in advance.

Hi folks
When I import a route I have created, it shows up fine, but there are annoying red circles, which must indicate points, which is a distraction. Is there anyway to hide them and just show the route.

Troubles & Questions / Tracks
September 06, 2011, 22:37:50
Hi Folk, first post here, I have made a silly mistake and deleted my tracks, is there anyway I can undelete. The track I wanted to delete was not ticked and the ones I didn't want to delete where ticked, as soon as I agreed to the delete confirmation box, I new I had made a mistake. i know its a long shot, but its worth a shot. Best App on the market by a mile, thanks.