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Pictures and spoilers presented in 'pictures' tab are prepared to view on PC screens. That's why there are often too big on small smartphone screens. I know there is possibility to double tap to zoom out a view but I think better solution is to add a constant width parameter to images.html in Locus data directory.

.... <img src="7a4a855f-dca6-4b34-9c1e-64d8486e4bb3.jpg">......
.... <img src="7a4a855f-dca6-4b34-9c1e-64d8486e4bb3.jpg" width="320">....

where "320" is example phone screen width.
As in subject. When I click a post button, main page of Locus getsatisfaction shows and nothing more.
I've notices a similar problem ( in 'pictures' tab. There is a vast empty area on the right next to pictures. Site is 2 or 3 times wider compare to pictures width. Is there possibility to solve this problem without breaking a geocache description tab (site). The empty area vanish when I tap zoom+  and then zoom-.
Declined / Different levels of screen dimm.
March 08, 2012, 10:01:02
When I'm using "allow to dim a screen" option, I would like to have a possibility to set level of dim. Is there possibility to create such option?
Troubles & Questions / Gpx import problem.
March 03, 2012, 11:44:04
I've problem during import gpx file to selected category. When I want to import gpx file (data manager -> category -> category item -> import ->select gpx file) the import popup appears and I check replace for all. After all there appears 0 point imported.
Gpx file have some different points (eg. logs added to selected points) that previous imported.
Various & Bin / Locus priority.
October 29, 2011, 10:00:47
I've  a big request to you to increase a Locus priority. I've a problem with my device (Samsung i5700). When I minimalize Locus application, it is often equal to closing it by android system (lack of ram memory I suppose) . But when there is track record process running, locus can't by closed by system. Could you do the same with main Locus process to prevent closing it by system.
Troubles & Questions / Lags during navigation.
September 05, 2011, 22:49:19
This is my first post here, and I want to thank you for great application.
Im a pro user ver. 1.11.1 I have a problem during navigation. Cursor showing gps position has long lags. Time between position refreshing is different.
One time is 0.5sek (good) and the other time is even 20sek (too long). This behavior is independent of speed. I'm using offline maps downloaded by Locus.
I have external bluetooth gps receiver - nokia  LD-4W. I tried to cheat Locus and I've installed Bluetooth GPS aplication from android market. I've linked Locus with my GPS receiver using this software (I had to set Locus option "Bluetooth GPS" off in "GPS and location" menu). In this configuration position refreshing was ok. Every time about 0.5sek, no longer. I also have checked my internal GPS receiver. Lags was present.