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Troubles & Questions / Where are my POI's?
November 28, 2012, 18:41:58
After starting up Locus today I noticed that there was an update to the app.  After trying to add a POI I noticed that none of my categories are there anymore along with hundreds of my POI's.  I tried to import them from the backups and I still do not see anything there.  Any ideas?
Wishlist / Old map overlay?
May 15, 2012, 06:39:51
Hello, Along with Geocaching I'm an avid metal detectorist.  One wish that I have is the ability to view the old plot maps or any old map that may have homesteads that are no longer there.  Any thoughts or comments on this one?
Hello there, just a quick question.  I was curious about the use of the google map with Locus.  When I zoom in there are quite a few areas that only show up on the screen.  They appear as blocks and for example half my neighborhood shows up and the other half is blank.  I'm using the online map and if I go to it shows the whole neighborhood.  Am I doing something wrong?
Declined / Sync to PC
September 04, 2011, 04:31:02
I've been using Locus Pro for a while now and love to use it when I'm geocaching but the one thing I wish it had was the ability to sync my maps and pictures to the computer without having to re-due it alll in google.maps.  Does any option exist to export all my info to the PC?
It looks like after the update yesterday that I have been unable to "take" or "pick" pictures for my POI's.  When I do click on them it automatically crashes every time.
I'd love some help for this since I use this feature constantly.