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Other features / Locus spec on osm wiki outdated
September 23, 2011, 13:30:47
The comparison of different OSM compatible applications on Android over at the OSM wiki page is somewhat outdated. A lot of features (like vector maps) are missing from the tables. Someone with more knowledge of the full feature set of Locus should update this page. Note that the features table are dynamically generated from the individual application wiki pages. This is the page that should be edited:
Under review / Search vector maps for names and places
September 12, 2011, 14:35:33
Summary: Add offline search for streets, places and names in offline vector maps.

First of all, let me express my gratitude towards menion and this great, great application, Locus. It's absolutely fantastic.

The introduction of offline rendered maps, vector maps, through the use of mapsforge is a step in the right direction for applications on mobile devices, IMHO. Looking at the TODO-list to mapsforge, there is a turn-by-turn navigation ahead. Hopefully Locus will benefit from this as well. I believe offline maps are very important for end users, due to expensive data plans from mobile operators. You obviously need maps when you're traveling, and prices for data network usage abroad is often ridiculous compared to prices back home. So you really want your maps readily available on your phone when your're heading towards the airport.

Nuff chitchat.

Given that maps are vector data, is it not possible to search this for places, names and POI-s (cafes, restaurants)? I haven't studied the API for mapsforge, nor have I dived into the format of the map files used by it, but it would be so totally cool to be able to search your offline vector map for places, cities, suburbs, streets, cafes, etc.

So my question, or single wishlist bullet point right now, is: if the mapsforge framework allows it, add support for search in offline vector maps.