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Devices / Locus running on Ticwris Max?
« on: January 11, 2022, 20:34:42 »

does anyone have any experience running Locus Map (either the oldschool Pro version or the new 4 one) on this hardware ( )? It's presented as a smart watch but it is basically a phone running on older Android version.

I would rather see its use as a bike computer :) So I'm interested in any experience anyone could have. But especially how rotating the screen with Locus running works there (as I imagine having it in its vertically elongated position on stem or handlebars would be the best, whereas the original intended position on your wrist is horizontal). Also how precise its GPS location works. And maybe also how well its display could be read during sunlight and if the whole thing could be actually easily attached on a bike or certain level of DIY-ism is required...

From the usually mentioned downsides, I am aware of the obsolete Android version, but if my only use will be just for maps, I prolly don't care if it will be hacked :)

The battery duration should be much better than any existing bike computer.

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