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Hello everybody,

I am tring hard to get my head around it but I can't really figure out how it works. So I got a smartwatch and locus map to use it for navigation while mountainbiking. While riding I will have my smartphone in my backpack and the watch at my wrist. I am using a Pixel 3A and a tickwatch pro 2020. For navigation I use gpx tracks.

So I would like locus map to notify me with audio feedback when I get to a turn or crossroads and if I leave the track. So that I can check my loaction on the watch and decide where to go. So far I only tested it in the city and I basically don't get any audio feedback (beeps) in guidance or speech in navigation. I have been through all settings but I don't notice any difference.

Kind regards


Edit: So i must have done something wrong but text2speech now works in navigation mode.

I have another question about guidance how ist it supposed to work with gpx tracks, does just guide to the next waypoint in the track or does use the underlying path on a map if available?