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Troubles & Questions / Scanning a paper chart
« on: September 20, 2011, 23:05:18 »
Hey guys,

Simple question, I'm hoping the answer will be simple also.

I have an aviation chart which isn't available digitally.  I want to scan the chart and then use some software to specify the coordinates on the chart and save into a format that Locus can read.

Any way of doing this?  Preferably free.


Troubles & Questions / Tracks don't save
« on: August 18, 2011, 13:54:58 »
Hi guys,

Already emailed this to Menion but thought I'd share with you guys here too.

I have a problem in that Tracks i create don't save.  I'm a pilot and I like to have a moving map while I'm flying around. What I want to do is create "areas" on the map (like a red square/circle) for "danger areas" that I must not fly over.
So what I do is I create a "Track".  I add a few points then I press the "tick" button.  A page comes up that lets me put in a name, select a colour etc.  It also has an option to "close" the track and "fill" with a colour... which I select.
It then says "track ABC saved" or something.... but nothing is saved.  There's no tracks in my data manager and there's nothing on the screen.
A 2nd problem... when I delete POIs from my (small) database, it crashes Locus every time (but it DOES delete the POI ok).
I can add or edit POIs no problem.
Thank you

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