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Troubles & Questions / Add LoPoints
September 10, 2023, 14:21:22
While on my holiday in Ireland we found a large ship wreck, which is also marked in Google Maps and which owns a Wiki article (and more spots....the wreck is just one example).

However it is not a LoPoint (yet).

How can users influence the creation of LoPoints or even add them? Is there a team or something deciding on what becomes a LoPoint and what nit?


wenn ich über die Suche ein Ergebnis erziele, z.B. ein Hotel. Dann wird mir an der Stelle auf der Karte z.B. ein Bett angezeigt.

Wie bekomme ich das wieder weg? Egal welche Karte ich dann lade, das Symbol bleibt.

Version: Locus Map 4.10.0 Gold


OSM objects does have attributes like "highway=ford" for a ford.

Is there a way to search for such attributes?


is there a way to check which offline LoRouter routing data (areas covered) is available offline? To be able to check if I need to plan routes while I still have WiFi and any kind of connection.

Troubles & Questions / Three times map
April 01, 2021, 07:29:14
Hello Michal and Team,

first of all: Thanks! Version 4.x is very much appreciated and I love it already.

However, one thing I noticed is, that the Map Manager appears three times in my menu. Maybe I missed something, maybe not....see screenshot.


Andreas Woithon
Editor Matsch&Piste