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Troubles & Questions / Crashes on Locus Map Pro 3.56.5 / Locus 4.5.6
« on: January 10, 2022, 16:01:45 »
I often have crashes on version 3.56.5.

It happens on both Samsung Galaxy M31 (Android 11) and on Cubot KingKong Mini 2 (Android 10). Lately I only use the latter and on this smartphone it seems more frequent.

It happens more often when I record a track (about 3 times in 4/5 hours of use) less if I only view the map (once in 4/5 hours). I use OAM maps.

I read another thread where a similar problem was due to memory issues, but in my case the Samsung has 6GB, while on the Cubot (which has 3GB) I only have Locus and the essential Google apps.

What can it be?

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