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Implemented / Some suggestions for caching
August 08, 2011, 21:00:54

thanks for this app. I tried some others, this is (nearly) all I want ;)  Here some suggestions to improve user expirience while caching.

Adding Waypoints:
I added caches with G4L as POI. I select a multi-cache and use the guide-function. When I want to add a wayoint i have to do several steps: open dialog by clicking on the guide-symbol on the top-left, use there the icon button-left (informations about the cache), click on waypoints, click on add, click on edit, ok two times, select the waypoint, close, press back..  An other posible is adding a "solo-point" with the + action. But this is not connected to the cache-details (view listning or hints...).
Now the suggestion: Add a function i/we can add as an action in the bars. This action just opens a minimized "add waypoint dialog" with a precalced name (like WPT04) and the coordinates-fields (fill in like in the coordinates-dialog). After hit ok, the waypoint will be added to the currently "active" cache and display is automatic on.

Open POI List:
I replaced the 'data' action in the top bar against the 'POI List'. When I have only one category, a dialog appears to select the one category ;)  If there is only one, can you skip this dialog?

When I come back from the card to the listing of a cache, the scroll-position is on top. Maybe it is possible to remember the last position? For long listings this would be nice ;)

Bests greetings,