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Maps / Offline LoMap Norway - sea area white tiles zoom 14+
« on: August 31, 2020, 21:59:22 »
Hello to you all! This is my first post.
First I want to say that Locus map is my favorite nav app. I like the way it works, like the way to edit (adjust) GPX files. And I discover new things all the time!

I have run into a strange problem with the tile rendering of offline Norway LoMap.

When I increase the zoom to level 14 and beyond, white tiles surface and start covering part of the sea areas and also some islands. It happens inside the fjords, so it's not outside of the map boundaries.

As an example search for "Bud" on the west coast of Norway, but it happens all along the coast.
Same problem surface, mostly in the same spots. As the zoom is increased, large parts of the sea surface is white.

I an using Huawei Mate 20P, Xiaomi Mi 2 (And 10), and Asus Zenpad (And 7).

The way I deal with it is to load openandromaps, they render perfectly. They are twice the file size, but they work.

Anybody who has a  suggestion?

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