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Various & Bin / Measure Distance Between 2 points along Track
« on: September 03, 2011, 06:40:08 »

Locus is no doubt the best GPS for outdoor activities. I have been using it on my trekking activities with great success. Thank you!

One little thing I miss is a way to quickly measure the distance between two points of a track, but along the track, not a straight line. It can be done subtracting the "distance to end" of the two points. Despite the fact I don't like doing math knowing I have a powerful computer in hand,  would be nice to have a button for that, so you select the first and second points and the distance showed up somewhere.

It is useful when you are using a already recorded or imported track to follow on. Sometimes you want to know how far you are from a programmed stop on a POI, for example.

If that's too simple for you  :lol: , much better would be something like a "Goal" tool. You could choose the track, the goal point and the "missing distance"  from actual position optionally shows in the "title" bar, ( the one with  Title, Map, GPS, Coordinates, Guiding, Goal ).

Sorry if the measuring feature is already present. I couldn't find how to do it searching in forum and documentation.

Thank you in advance

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