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Troubles & Questions / Point is not stored
« on: October 20, 2019, 18:43:53 »
Trying to add a Waypoint to a Multicache solution so I can navigate there later, but keep getting a notice saying "Point is not stored.  Any changes to it may be lost."

Waypoint initially shows up but leaving the cache listing and returning and it disappears (obviously the message is correct.)

I'm getting another error but I'm not sure it is related.  When adding the point and selecting a point from the map, I get an error against the Coordinates; "Wrong item Latitude" and "Wrong item Longitude", although it seems to allow them and put the temporary waypoint in the correct place.

Although temporary, whilst it persists, it does have some link the original GC as the original GC number is attached in the popup.

I've checked storage setting and all is supposedly running from phone, not the SD card.

Any ideas?

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