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Other features / Re: Mapsforge 0.5
January 03, 2019, 11:46:51
Locus is the only game in town. For simple navigation maybe another apps are suitable, but if you hike with small children, or hike so actively that need to manage your tracks and display on the map, Locus is the only choice for now (I have tried a lot of apps, and bought Android smartphone specially for navigation because Locus not available for iOS).

But problem is that default theme is not so good as Elevate from @Tobias. I have tried to file issues (, but Elevate has not only minor advantages, but a major advantages also (e.g. compare presentation of cable car near Mittenwald (Germany) — Locus theme doesn't render cable car name opposite to Elevate, so, I have to guess what is this).

So, even if I buy LoMaps (to financially support Locus development), I don't use it. Because as far I understand (and I as far I experienced) for Elevate themes better to use openandromaps.

And now Tobias announced that "OpenAndroMaps will switch to Multilanguage "V4" Maps mid of 2019.". And stated that "The ony real disadvantage over V3 maps, as I know, is that Locus does not support automatic map switching with V4 maps." (because Locus will use not optimised mapsforge engine to render V4 maps). But from this topic I see that maybe will number of other issues. Or it is fixed now?

Could you please shed light on current situation? Tobias answer was a little bit pessimistic — Does it mean that you (Locus team) gave up to first class support of Elevate theme? Autoloading not important for me, I worry about battery consumption and potential rendering issues.
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@Bucky Kid Please see

Issue is opened. I don't test it (I use macOS).

> I am unable to compile from sources.

Process is not easy. That's why I created and any user can request any region to be added to avoid low-level things.
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> generate single custom .pbf file based on own region in order to seamlessly cross the borders?

You can specify required for you countries and I will add specified region to

In general, you need to draw wanted region using, download europe.pbf from some public  source (,  and then

osmium extract --overwrite --config=extracts.json --strategy=smart europe-latest.osm.pbf

where extracts.json something like

and then build graph for result pbf file.

Since Locus is so awesome, I think it is not good that users need to do such low-level tasks to enjoy offline navigation, that's why I suggest you to file issue to and I will add wanted region to provided list (main problem not first import, but keep it up to date).
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@john_percy Car routing with turn restrictions is not possible at the moment —

Without discussion with GraphHopper developers I don't want to publish car routing using CH because I think that turn restrictions ( is very important. If will be confirmed that landmarks algo is very slow and it is not possible to speed up on mobile, CH will be published with a warning that  turn restrictions not supported (well, you have to always follow actual road signs, but people are people).
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@john_percy I will add CH data to support car mode, it seems as separate graph routing data because of
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I published locus action files to simplify routing data installing and updating — As for openandromaps, now you can simply click "Locus" link to install or update.
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