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Quote from: john_percy on August 29, 2019, 12:58:07
Just want to say that applying presets to routing preferences, and resetting afterwards, is a stroke of genius. It's suddenly made presets really useful. Well done.

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I just wish it was possible to choose map in presets and not only the theme ........
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Quote from: tapio on May 24, 2019, 08:39:07
I hope soon we will have v4 themes in presets.

They are. You have to edit your preset and add the option
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Quote from: Condor on August 06, 2018, 15:37:41
Or it is time to think (Menion) or it could be possible to generate a functional "Lite" version of Locus.
Only maps, points, navigation, geocaching.

Without trainers, sensors, bicycles, Fitnes, LT, chat, health records, Boats, planes, heart transplants .... and I do not know what's all in Locus.

Hehe, I know several people who won't touch Locus Map because of its complexity. A geocaching Lite version could be a solution for them, but personally, I like a lot of functions. But they have to work. Not able to add waypoints last week was very frustrating.

I also want to see a rock solid and reliable Locus Map. I do all my logging with GSAK as I don't thrust anything else at the moment. My wife is doing all logging with Locus Map and she experience strange error messages popping up from Locus that an error happened and "something" is stored for offline logging. But when we afterwards search, we cannot find anything stored for offline logging and everything seems to be correctly sent to the online api at groundspeak. Or so it seems :-)
The first thing I wish is more meaningful error messages when something goes wrong. A small popup which last half a second before it goes away is not user friendly and it does not say anything abot what is wrong, only that "something" happened.

And I find betatesting Locus Map is extremely difficult. Personally, I am testing on my live geocaching data. I don't want anything to go wrong with that. I don't want to come home from a trip and "test" 20 or 30 geocache find logs and 100-150 TB logs and experience a lot of trouble. So I mostly use GSAK for this as I know it works.
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