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My problem (see 4 above) did not go away. After a phone reboot the Wear-for-Locus app/service now has an active "force stop" button in the app details, but that did not help either.

How can I debug this? Why does the Wear OS Locus app always say there is no connection?

(Wanted to use for a mountain hike, even as I guess an absolute altitude field is still missing?)

Update: I set back the watch to factory defaults and re-connected/installed everything. All other things looked identical before and after that, but finally Locus on the watch can be started again.

Had a short look into the code from github before, it was the "middle" connection error message, the one associated to the API not delivering any "node" with status "nearby" (just from what can be read there, do not know anything about it). As I said, any other locations told me "connected" (like the watch settings or the Wear OS app on the phone).
Somehow Wear OS seems not really stable..

In the mountains, the map on the watch is very useful.
You can have a look at the track at any time, without getting/opening/unlocking the phone - also saving energy there probably (Bluetooth costs less than screen I guess).

Having the possibility to see the time on the map would be nice. So you do not always have to switch to the watch face for that (and then back). On the other hand, it is probably a good idea to not have the map open all the time - a Wear watch just does not have the endurance for a 8 hour activity.
And of course everything could be a bit smoother / faster / responsive - if it could.. Seems the hardware that is faster and needs less energy lies a few years in the future..

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I had a first ski day recently. For this activity (skiing) the map is not too very helpful. It simply is very small - but at least it was mostly too close (zoom) for me. Or is the default zoom according to what was last selected on the phone? Then I think it should not be the "same pixels" as on the phone, but about the same area covered (with less resolution) - so you have the same overview. But other people may think different, so it should be configurable.
Zooming out was quite tedious, often not recognized, or activating the wipe-down (maybe locate them left and right?) (I have a Fossil Q Explorist). And of course is not too fast - maybe the reason why the usual pinch-to-zoom is not supported?

More than the map I would have liked the dashboard - but as said would be interested in some more/other values like absolute altitude, max speed or (when wearing belt) HF rate.

So looking forward to tap more of the full potential soon  :)
Thanks for reading.
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