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Troubles & Questions / Re: BRouter and route planner problem ?
« on: July 26, 2019, 09:48:40 »
I uninstalled and reinstalled BRouter for the latest 1.5.5 version, and used the new default location of /Android/data/btools.routingapp/files/brouter for profiles and segments. I then went into Settings / Navigation in Locus, changed navigation data source to BRouter, tapped on the three line menu at the right-hand side of the navigation data source option, tapped on the wrench icon, and activated Advanced settings. If you do that you will then find that you can tap on the "ROUTING PROFILE" dropdown arrow, and the BRouter profiles you have in /Android/data/btools.routingapp/files/brouter/profiles2 will appear in the list below the Locus profiles and can be selected.
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For mounting a phone on the handlebars, I'd recommend Quadlock. I use their universal fit mount (stuck to the back of the phone case) plus their out front mount on the bike.

I have a Sony Z5 compact that claims to be waterproof (IP68 rating). I've never had it out in more than light rain, but it survived that on the handlebars without problem.
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Troubles & Questions / Map updates
« on: April 19, 2017, 13:37:43 »
When I go to the Locus store in the app and check for map updates, the response I get is "No data. No valid data". Is this indicative of a problem or just an indication that the maps I have downloaded do not have any updates? If the latter, then the response could be better worded to indicate this rather than displaying what could be construed as an error message.
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