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I use Garmin's BaseCamp software on my laptop. It has some very nice route and track creation and editing tools.

I can export multiple routes, tracks and way points to a single GPX file to Dropbox. Import into Locus and it separates the way points into a List and the tracks & routes into the Tracks section.

Going from Locus into BaseCamp, export a waypoint list and a track list to Dropbox and then import them into a single or separate lists in BaseCamp.

There is no option to sync automatically between the two.
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Add-ons / GPS Averaging app is now malware
« on: June 16, 2019, 13:42:49 »
The latest version of the GPS Averaging app is now serious malware. Even when it's not running, it randomly puts up full screen ads. Even if it has never been run after a phone reboot, the ads still randomly pop up. I have Uninstalled.

Is there another averaging app that integrates with Locus Pro?
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Wonderful!! I got to play with this for a bit today.
I have Samsung:
Galaxy S8 phone, Android 8.0.0
Galaxy S3 Frontier watch,  Tizen

I tested with a walk around the neighborhood, driving to a park and searching for a geocache.

I found the position updates on the watch to be quite delayed.  I usually had to raise the watch 2 or 3 times before the position updated on the map.  So maybe it was something like every 10 seconds before my position updated?  I had the phone set to using Google Satellite maps.  I tried it again using an offline OSM map and although the display update of the map tiles was faster, the position update was still too slow for my taste.

If the phone screen shut off or I manually shut it off and put the phone in my pocket, the screen stopped updating altogether.  I thought if I turned on "run Locus as a service" this might not happen.  I also turned off battery optimization on the phone.  I'm not sure yet if that cured the problem.

I recorded a track and then put the phone away.  When I stopped the track, I got an error message of "can't connect to Locus - can't save" or something like that.  Turned the phone screen on and hit the stop recording button and it saved the track OK.  I never got the chance to specify WHERE to save the track, it just used the last track folder location that I had used before.

On my second track attempt, I started track recording.  Then I also selected "Hiking" in the Samsung Fitness App, which also records a track and heart rate.  Both ran concurrently and both recorded the same track.  One oddity was that the first time I raised my wrist, the Locus track screen came up.  After that, the Samsung track screen came up whenever I raised my wrist.  I could navigate back to the Locus track screen OK.  But the next time I raised my wrist, it defaulted to the Samsung screen again.  Not a big deal and I suppose not many people would run two different track recording apps at the same time.  I just thought it odd that the watch did not return to the last used screen each time.

I found the waypoint icons on the screen to be much too large.  And the default directional pointer was HUGE on the screen. Quite distracting.  Is it possible to make them smaller?

What I really, really want to see is something like the compass screen.  When hiking or geocaching, I'm usually navigating towards a waypoint.  I start the navigation and then put the phone away.  I'll periodically pull the phone out to check on my progress, noting the bearing, heading and distance.  I'd love to see this displayed on the watch so I could leave it in my pocket and just check the watch every now and then.

I tried setting the app as a Widget but it does not show up in the list of available widget apps.

I have a suggestion... If you have to make separate versions for Pro and Free, shouldn't the Pro folks get it first?  They are the ones who paid. And I would think more active.... Just a thought.

Well, that's all for now.  Thanks for starting the development of this!
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I have found that putting my phone in airplane mode more than makes up for running the GPS. I also set Locus to shut off the GPS when the screen is asleep. I wake it up every 15 minutes or so to verify position and heading and then put it back in my pocket. I will typically have 75% battery at the end of a full day hike.
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