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Troubles & Questions / Re: [Q] Palettes for coloring
« on: June 06, 2016, 20:45:29 »
There are 4 CPT files. Color gradient is based on this web. The color steps work pretty well I guess  :)


Create interpolators folder in Locus > data and download the files to the interpolators folder.


Range -50 to 1000 m ASL (white color over 1000 m) /  25 m and 50m steps

Range 100 to 2000 m ASL (white color over 2000 m) / 50m and 100 m steps

Range 400 to 4500 m ASL (white color over it) / 100 and 200 m steps

Range 1000 to 6500 m ASL (white color over it) / 200 and 250 m steps


Lowland theme - Central Bohemian Uplands - Highest peak about 800 m ASL

Highlandtheme - Krkonose mountains - Highest peak 1602 m ASL

Alps theme - Austrian Alps

Mountains theme - Nepal

Highland vs Alps theme - High and Low Tatras in Slovakia

Edit: modiy altitude ranges and steps

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