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Casio WSD-F20 report

1. Zoom +/- with button works fine. Thank you.
2. Stable application is okey.
3. How does auto-rotate function work?
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I have run Locus on mobile as service. Ambient mode in watch is disabled. When I run locus on watch after wake up point with my gps on same postion before sleep. I must zoom in/out app for refresh data.

Step for test:
1. Run mobile Locus as service home button and set to sleep
2.  Watch run to map
3. Watch going to sleep
4.  must go away from previous position
5.  after cca 10 minutes wake up watch
6. mobile is refresh application and maps, watch still on same position before sleep
When you needed , I should add video.

1. recording to watch and sync locus it will be nice feature
2. upload route to watch and navigation by route , and warning when i'm off route will be very nice feature, caching maps around gpx for standalone using
3. show elevation and gps position will be fine not needed.
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Casio WSD-F20 (Android
Application is super.
Missing: settings and using hardware buttons for zoom in and zoom out.
Navigation by gpx from application.
I can't reach menu for tracking when I'm in map.
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