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Thanks for mentioning the Tapiola theme; I wouldn't have noticed it.  First impressions are good.

I tried out the new V4 LoMaps too.  One thing that bugs me is: none of the OAM (V4/V5) themes in my collection, including this new one, show lake names.  It seems only Locus internal themes show lake names with LoMaps V4.

I may have to switch to LoMaps (depending on the fate of OAM), and would be stuck with a greatly reduced choice of themes if I want to see lake names ... which I consider essential.  Is it practical to fix this?

PS, I like how OAM handles lake (or similar object) names.  If multiple lakes share a common name in a relation (name=Pretty Lakes, example), it draws the name once at the centroid of the relation.  This is tidier than drawing the name on each of the (sometimes many) lakes, IMHO.
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In the current non-beta LM4, I can't find any themes in the store.  (I answered a question in another thread related to themes, so I was curious.)  I spent some time in the store totally lost, then found the "+" icon at the bottom of the theme switcher, which brought me to an empty page on the store.

This doesn't bother me personally, as I already have a nice collection of themes, which I scrounged from various places.  But it brings up a suggestion:

Once things settle down with the V3-V4 transition, there's a real need for a central place to find themes.  Not just supported themes, but even obsolete ones that still kind-of work; I sometimes still use Waymark because it just looks good.  I often use Outdoor/Desert*, same reason, but who can find those themes?  Even Voluntary, which jumped the hurdle to make it into the store, is no longer there ... or at least I can't find it.

(* To be clear, these are not obsolete, and fully deserve to be in the store.)
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That happens with certain themes.  When I see that, I try another.

Have you tried the Elevate theme that comes with OAM?  It's well matched to the underlying map.

EDIT: on quick investigation, I'm guessing you're using one of the Locus internal themes with OAM.  The internal themes match well with LoMaps, but not so well (IMHO) with OAM.

Elevate, or any of the other V4/V5 themes (a bit hard to find), should look much better.
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Quote from: balloni55 on May 07, 2023, 19:32:19turn off GPS, so cursor position is used

I hope this is just a workaround, not by design.

When I'm standing in one place but the cursor is at another, my attention is at the other place, and I'd like the search / weather forecast / whatever to be at that location.  Just my opinion.
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Themes - Vector maps / Re: Theme "Settler"
April 10, 2023, 22:15:31
Thank you!  First impressions are, I like it.

Oddly, I can't get it to appear in the themes list on my Android 13 tablet.  This is with Locus configured to use the /media/ path, and I even tried unzipping, also tried putting a copy in the /data/ path, even through that folder is otherwise empty and unused.

But it does work on my Android 9 phone, which is set to use the /data/ path, by simply dropping the same .zip into the usual place there.

That might be a Locus issue.  I can't see anything wrong with your theme, and other zipped themes adjacent to this one are showing up in the list just fine.  I tried restarting Locus, clearing cache, nothing helped.  But on the phone, it just worked, instantly.  Both devices are running the current non-beta Locus 4, with the same current OAM V5 maps.
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For geocaching support, there is only one choice.
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Maps / Re: Duplicated contour lines in Lomaps
November 01, 2022, 19:02:23
I think Locus is displaying two maps at once.  That's been an issue I've noticed for years, usually (for me) noticeable by a darker forest color, caused by identical OAM content (from adjacent overlapping maps) being rendered twice.  In your case, it looks like those maps show different contour sets.  (OAM recently switched to higher-precision contour data.)

Because of this, I've had to turn off "automatic map loading", which otherwise would be extremely useful.  I hope Menion fixes this some day.
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Locus Map / Re: [APP] - version 4.12.+ ( 09/2022 )
October 17, 2022, 17:36:25
Quote from: lor74cas on October 17, 2022, 14:02:40The site is down.

I've noticed the Locus sites (this one, maybe others) sometimes don't load, I think due to DNS failure.  Then I try again, and it works.  I don't know what's happening there; it's been that way for months, and other sites aren't a problem for me.  (My DNS is provided by the VPN service I use.)

EDIT: ...but right now, I can't connect to either.  Seems to be a different problem, because it's just waiting (ultimately PR_CONNECT_RESET_ERROR), whereas the problem I mentioned (which I consider minor) is always an immediate error.
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Information / Re: Update of the forum
August 19, 2022, 15:38:51
Smooth upgrade, at least from the outside looking in.  I just had to log in again, browser auto-fills the details, a few seconds, done.

Looks good too.  :)
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Select the track.  Edit as necessary.  Tap "..." in the bottom-right corner, Export, select OpenStreetMap.  Provide login details if needed.

It works well; I use it a lot.  :)

PS, that sends it to the "GPS Traces" list, not directly to the map database.  As you might know, directly uploading tracks to the map database is discouraged, as it's typically noisy data.
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I suggested "Fine Tune", but it wasn't my first choice.  "Edit Track" would be better (if not causing confusion with "Edit Info"), or "Track Editor" if a noun is appropriate here, or even "Modify Track" which I think was the original text.  "Modify Track" sounds ideal to me.

I'm not sure if nouns are appropriate as menu commands, but there's an advantage to the command being the same as the title of the screen that shows up, eg Route Planner, Track Editor.
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4.9 seems to have fixed the navigation-becomes-guidance issue I mentioned upthread, thanks.

Can't be absolutely sure without spoofing GPS or physically going back to the trail, but I'm pretty sure.  :)
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Settings -> Navigation -> Router
Make sure it shows LoRouter Offlline
Tap the icon to the right -> Automatic Updates
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The "Quick Bookmark" feature can help, especially if you add its button to one of the function panels.  Hit "+", predefined, OpenStreetMap, then "x" because it gives no indication it worked.

Now, move the map cursor to the item of interest, tap Quick Bookmark, then select OpenStreetMap.  It'll open a browser window to the OSM "Query Features" page.
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Other features / Re: Android 11+, changes
November 27, 2021, 18:21:57
Terminology is really confusing here.  "Internal storage" vs "Internal memory" in the Set Working Directory dialog.  "Internal" vs "External" in this discussion, but both seem to be inside the phone somewhere.  Those who know that one is removable and called "SD" would be confused by an "Internal" option being /sdcard/Locus, which (I think) is in non-removable memory despite the "sdcard" name.  I think only an Android developer could understand all this.

Here's the chance to be clear and non-confusing.  And if there's no need to worry because you're on Android 10 or lower, then please say so in the UI.  Thank you.
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