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i also have a amazfit bip
but i use gadgetbridge as the connectionapp

but i have to activate an option hat that exernal apps (locus) can ge the data
maybe you havve to activate this option in your app or it does not support it
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Quote from: milan.cejnar on March 22, 2018, 14:00:20
oh, sorry about the red cross, that should not be there when auto-centered. Should be fixed in about 2 weeks when new Locus Map version comes out..

No Problem. But you did not say that is now possible to move the red cross over the map on the watch....  :)
made a 5hour test ride today, map always turns in the right direction

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Quote from: menion on January 12, 2018, 15:08:57
this definitely looks like a problem in Locus Map itself, not an add-on. I'll check it, thanks.

yes, the overlay in the app is also not correct
on some positions it shows the correct overlay, on other positons lines which are to thick to see anything and on other positions it shows nothing.

tested the wear app 18 hours this week. not only one problem.
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i´m usung the sony sw3
working great. and you can get it really cheap when you buy used
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Quote from: sbouju on January 07, 2018, 11:15:59
Does somebody knows if the Xiaomi Amazfit "Pace 2" and "Pace 2S" watches are (will be?) 100% OK for this purpose...?

just check for android wear. so No

Testet the newest versions many times: no crash at start and no other problems. just working.

My only whish: rotating map on the watch.
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Quote from: milan.cejnar on December 13, 2017, 08:18:14
that is odd. And the map was in the ambient mode and zoom buttons were hidden? Because in ambient mode the touch screen should be disabled and the app should be woken up from the ambient first (by button/wrist gesture etc.) It would explain why application seemed unresponsive - swipe to dismiss the application should have not been working either though. Not receiving updates to the map is definitely a bug.

i can´t tell you
i was on the bike and it was in the evening. so the display was hard to read
but when in ambient mode the display can´t be woken up by tap my watch is most of the time not in ambient mode. the display is inverted but i can always wake my watch by tapping on it.
and am happy with that. my watch core is mounted on the bike, so no side button or a really tiny one and also gesture deactiveted

edit: small testride: the watch is in ambient mode, map inverted, zoom buttons hidden.
But i can wake it by tapping on the screen
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tested it agian for 3 hours

few minutes after the start my sony smartwatch restarts. i don´t know why, because of locus, maybe because it was so cold outside, i don´t know

an hour later the map on the watch was in the ambient mode but didn´t refresh since a few minutes
tapping on the screen did not work, menu drawer also don´t work
locus stayed in the mode with light off. think the app was frozen
swipe to the side to the watch menu, light goes on and everything incl locus worked again.
happend only on time
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Quote from: milan.cejnar on December 06, 2017, 21:52:34
Hello, thank you for such a quick feedback :)
Regarding the inverted map - yes it is intended, do you find it confusing?.

Today i made a 2 hour test

app is working really good, no restart or something. way better than the past

yeah, i find it confusing. on the data screens its okay but not necessary.
on the map screen a lot auf maps infos are hard to see with the invertmode, in the normal mode it is much better even when backlight is off (testet the old version).
also in this invertmap mode you get big white areas because the maps on the phone show wood. look a bit like broken display
the refreshing in ambient mode is ok. i don´t really see any different to the normal mode on the maps screen refreshing.
maybe a option to deactivate the invert map mode ?

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made a short test.
working good

but one question: when the backlight on the watch switch off the map is inverted. on the "versions" in the past the maps are shown normaly
was this intended ?
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