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Ich vermute die wird Balloni55 kennen, er nutzt ja immerhin die beta, aber fragt darüber hinaus..
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scheint auf deutsch im Fachjargon mit 'Exposition' beschrieben zu werden:

zb. Wikipedia und in anderer Sprache:

Ein paar ähnliche Einträge auch unter

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Locus Map / Re: [APP] - version 4.19.+ ( 9/2023 )
November 18, 2023, 15:27:28
Quote from: Tapio on November 18, 2023, 14:03:52
Quote from: luce on November 18, 2023, 11:54:42I think this is what he means.
I think as being a selection-dialog a vertical smaller window does not make sense, there might be profiles with a lot of parameters, and a changing dialog-size is of no real help (uncovered map is of no real value), same with another overlay which might be irritating.
As we can see by Luces screenshots the horizontal space might get slightly optimised, sticking to 3 (current state, some space leftover) or 4 icons with text. 5 is quite compact and might not help with thin gloves on or while being in motion (reduced precision) on bike.
Just some thoughts though reg. this.
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Locus Map / Re: [APP] - version 4.18.+ ( 8/2023 )
August 03, 2023, 17:53:23
Quote from: Andrew Heard on August 03, 2023, 00:56:16...But sharing of existing GMaps POI doesn't work/ has different behavior to 4.17. Now LM4 Search will display the shared link as text, for example, and display "No search results" rather than moving to that point. When I open this example URL in my web browser, it displays the correct POI.
I guess that is about PlaceIDs and requires API-usage, if possible at all.
This can not be simply decoded or parsed like simple MapURLs with lat-lon. Currently only sharing a nearby set marking seems to be of help.
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- opening of side panel has a small moment of stuck, not completely smooth
- pic expert settings - value might be strange, don't know. I better leave it like it isYou cannot view this attachment.
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the previous point/track visibility toogle was perfect.

Only downside was a state dependent case: visibility state was set to 'not show', and then you decide to enable single points or tracks. Then of course you won't recognise your changes until you decide to toogle the visibility back to 'show'.
Well at least this could be irritating if there's only 1 point or track and you wonder why it can can be seen AND you are missing the current state in map-screen menu.
maybe a rare scenario, though happened to me

Solution could be to toogle visibility  to 'show' in case of 'not show' during event 'enabling points or tracks'. Maybe only with point/track count 1.
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Really like the new 'map-screen content'-menu. Quick access to theme's options, superb!

Slow opening already noted.

when having point- or track-layer set to no-show-state and then enabling points or tracks them get of course not shown. This might be irritating or understood as disfunction, definitely with only 1 point or track. Maybe show-state should be automatically switched to 'show'?

Bug: with track-layer set to no-show and then going to track-details, the preview-image with map does not get shown and when hitting the go-to-map-icon Locus runs into problems and jumps back or crashes.
With track-layer set to show everything is normal.
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Other features / Re: Online search
May 29, 2023, 12:14:36
@Radim V:
I interpret Michael's post as feedback of his current user experience.
Of course a server side database and search- and filter- tool-chain needs it's time to be developed and to mature, and building such an online-search is a bigger project.
Though user-input- and display-framework is a another thing.
I guess Michael prefers the choice within L to also profit of G-API and G-results, app-side. That would be a 2nd block/path behind the scene which might already be available and not active.
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Other features / Re: Online search
May 25, 2023, 22:55:59
IMHO the current updated experience is really way better. Results to typed searches are a lot faster, before the blue circle was rotating and nothing happened (I even missed the magnifying glass in my focussed eye-catching area and thought 'what now?')..after a long while those far distant results appeared - now I get immediate results and even good related suggestions like categories.

See images attached, I searched for a franchise, there are several around.
IMHO the auto-results are not very helpful as very similar and hitting the search to get to the map results are different but okayyyy as I see the map and can choose, but there is a Munich entry - well that is 500km away..
I still cannot collapse the keyboard as the 3 buttons are hidden, I have to swipe from top to bring them in and then can collapse keyboard and see all entries.
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Other features / Re: Online search
May 25, 2023, 00:15:59
@Andrew Heard:
yes, results with typed 'bar' is very annoying. Results are way off. And sometimes you carefully moved the map to a specific position without having some saved points over there, and want to search around - whoosh, gone.

Seems like the filter-chain is not yet optimised. 1st check against special terms or well known keywords that user might also use, 2nd check around close range distances or screen-border plus extra (district, town, region, whatever), etc., sort of. Might get sophisticated. This might be an iterative process and might require user-interaction, at least if you target perfect results (because you are lacking hardware for detecting brainwaves), to limit results or check multiple subsets. Just a thought.

I secretly visited, and, please do not tell.
They put a magnifying glass-symbol NEXT to the searchbar. Maybe it's because you can get there with different devices, e.g. Desktop-PC, maybe not.
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Other features / Re: Online search
May 23, 2023, 22:44:38
I suggest to not show only the header of search results and the map, but to also show part of the list, maybe 3 most top items and additionally indicate that this is a scrollable list.
When I slide the header it can only be slided fully to top, no mid position, and I don't see part of the map but the full list, well.

As suggested, see GMaps, heavily optimised and developed over the years. You see the map, you see the results, map height is mostly kept so no disturbing/irritating changes, results list is horizontal and neighbouring results can partly be seen so you understand that there is more, very screenspace friendly, you have categories, 'search this area' is genius to check left and right and trigger new search on demand, but in Locus we now have it automated which also is a new experience, et cetera et cetera. Nothing more to say and worth some inspiration.

As a physicist I honestly don't understand the logic to show results not requested by user's input and specified search but flooding the map, I will need an option to disable this speciality.
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Other features / Re: Online search
May 11, 2023, 16:57:22
woah, that's a rough start..

LM4 beta 1st flavour tested, try&cry
LM4 beta

as polishing is needed and to save myself I will drop a note only at time
- cursor in search input: I have the keyboard, but the 3 basic android control-buttons are missing
- if I search by category, eg. health, also results of other categories are additionally shown on map
- if I input letters the shown results are located somewhere else, not nearby current map cursor, and also no distance is shown in the list.  As I don't see the results in context of a map (location) it is of limited value
- if the results are shown around the map as icons and I click the map for 1-2 seconds the results are gone. Might be by design, don't know. If I reenter search there is a bin icon next to category though nothing is actively shown
- the result list seems to be a mixture (as noted in #1) with missing visible structure. So I am first busy to get the clou, structure or filter the results, then I can profit of them..this should already be given by a proper design & layout
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Menion, could you add an expert setting to enable long-press on theme-button to directly jump to theme's StyleMenu for quick access, so overriding theme-selection dialog?

A variant of this option (expert setting) could be, normal click jumps to theme's stylemenu - to change settings of active theme (enable routes, trails etc., change style), and long-click to open themes-selection menu - to switch to another theme, which might be less often.

With expert setting enabled the icon might appear in e.g. neon-pink colour :D
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1. is initialization during start different? Now loading instead of detailed list, though it was always quite fast

Backup manager
2. content, left to select-button: IMHO text is of no value. Honestly a shortened enumeration missing details instead of a list never makes sense to me. I suggest using a list, maybe in smaller font size if used screen-space is a matter. I suggest to begin with summary like:
Full Backup: NO
Enabled items: 9/10
(item3 not listed as being disabled)

Just an idea.

3. status & details during processing missing. Any processing >1s should provide details about what's going on.

4. I am with Tapio, wording: "loading" during a saving-action is not the best choice

5. Congrats! (just sharing my impressions) :D
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Quote from: Tapio on April 05, 2023, 12:39:35Most recent OAM Germany map vs. LM4 beta - anyone else?
I downloaded Germany-North 04.04.2023 today, zip, v5, and it's working fine with Elevate and with newer LoMaps-MF-beta-theme and VoluntaryUK-MF-beta-theme.
Haven't checked any map-feature though. Citynames and name-priority are somewhat different between themes.
All these different numbers are irritating, V4 here,V5 there, I suggest to call the new beta-themes simply MF-themes, as not being Locus-specific.
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