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Quote from: ihtus on January 06, 2020, 16:51:15
I've purchased the pro version.
Is it possible to import JPG / PDF as an overlay map?

you can use the "image calibration tool" in locus to georeference any JPG / JPEG to create a referenced map. it outputs a KMZ (google keyhole zipped) file that locus, google maps, google earth, etc can read and display as an overlay.

the process that locus uses to create KMZ's is really really good.

here's an old video i did to show folks how to do it. you may want to pause/rewind it a few times to get the concept down.

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the Duraforce (4.5"), Duraforce xd (5.7") and Duraforce pro have been very good for me.

here are two mounts I've used on motorcycles doing hard Enduro , that work very very well.

and one that is even better

the Duraforce do not need cases.
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