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Quote from: tapio on March 28, 2021, 11:05:24
"Track rec visibility - auto hide"
Set via presets. Rec. button does not hide, at least while recording.

Isn't that exactly what you want? Optionally hide it when it's not recording, but when it is, keep it in view?
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Quote from: JackRussel on March 24, 2021, 08:15:47
I don`t see LM4. There are Locus Map free and Locus Map Pro. And Locus Map free is 3.50.1

At least here in Playstore

This is about the public beta, so you have to become a beta-tester. Or wait a few days until LM4 is released officially :-)

If you want to try the beta, please open the app in the Play store and scroll down. You should have an option "become a beta tester"
If not, you can go directly to the invitation link
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I'm a long time user of Locus, I can say that I was there at very first beginning since locus was still a 0.x version. I did a one-time purchase years ago when Locus Pro came out. I'm a developer myself and I understand the effort that it has been taking to create this version and all the new stuff.
Since I'm using Locus on a daily basis, I'm going to switch over to v4 from day one. And I hope I can support you enough to keep Locus going for many more years to come. Keep up the good work and thank you for this nice app
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