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I don't want to "steal" another's idea, so I'll just point you to the source:

a method that, (at least for Samsung devices) as far as I can tell, enables EVERY file manager to handle Android/data and Android/obb on Android 13, is described here:

Take a look at the post beginning "I bet you are having a really bad day" (or so.)

Additional infos;
-MT Manager can be sideloaded from a site mentioned a few posts further down (#46) (I didn't find it on apkmirror),
-"easily" in the first post means "navigate to Android/data, tap "Property/Modify" and tick the two missing options".
-If, in the Play Store, you have Automatic Updates activated, the app Files (which you can search for by that name in MT Manager in other System languages as well), will be re-updated quickly - don't know if that would create a problem.)
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Thanks, Michael,

maybe I will try that next.

Right now I seem to have found a (slightly cludgy) solution:

...describes just that: basically, there is a hidden file manager in Android 13; you disable the visible file manager (Files, Eigene Dateien, whatever) and download an app "Files" from the Play Store (the one by "marc apps & software), which calls this hidden file manager from its hiding place.

With it you can access Android/data both internally and externally.

The cludge comes when you try to copy or move files; for that you will actually have to read the description from the above link and/or watch the video. [Actually, "doing" is easy, "finding out how" is non-trivial.]

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