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Cursors / Icons / Voices / [Icons] Custom Icon Packer
« on: June 07, 2017, 13:40:09 »
I release an easy to use bash script to create custom icon pack for Locus Map. Based on a simple format definition file 'info.dat', it's possible to:
  - download icons from internet.
  - generate info.xml with favorite icon listing order and icon categories.
  - create custom icon zip archive.

Created icon pack is compatible with Locus Map 3.24.1 and later.

If you share your custom icon pack which may contain copyrighted icon images, just share definition file 'info.dat'. As it only contains icon image URLs, sharing it won't violate icon's terms of use. Users can download, pack and use icons on their responsibility.

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current anouncement for "current time" in german language:
current time 13 Stunden 36 Minuten
it should:
aktuelle Uhrzeit 13 Uhr 36 Minuten
Hi, balloni55.
Please download an attached de.tts and put it as Locus/data/tts/de.tts. Then, in Locus, set both 'Language' and 'Text-to-speech settings' to german. With this configuration and google tts engine, I confirmed that announcement of current time was correct (aktuelle Uhrzeit X Uhr X Minuten). Though I don't understand german. ;)

@menion: I don't know why but it seems that leading spaces in tts file cause a problem. I replaced them with tabs and it works.

For now i miss to translate for announcement:
- tracktime
- pace
- lap pace
- current time  and here additional an alternative option for german language
Because these words are missing in tts file, crowdin texts are used as fallback. This fallback is based on 'Language' setting but not 'Text-to-speech settings'. So, if you set 'Language' to english and 'Text-to-speech settings' to german, Locus gives "current time X Stunden X Minuten". Am I right?
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Information / Re: [TRANSLATION]
« on: June 20, 2016, 13:59:59 »
Correct description of 'Type of activity' is "Define type of currently recorded activity", isn' it? Please check.

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