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Die Beschwerdeadresse ist: Google Inc, Mountainview. Seit Android 11 sind die was Dateizugriff betrifft auf einem Paranoia-Trip.
Aber es gibt jetzt einen einfachen Weg: schaffe Deine Rasterkarten nach /Android/media(!!!)/
Auch das Nachbarverzeichnis mapsVector richtet Locus Pro beim ersten Start ein.
Solche Strukturen gibt es auf der internen und - falls existent - der externen SD. Locus liest diese Ordner bei jedem Start.
Also einfach Deine Sammlungen per Dateimanager hinkopieren (x-plore, Solid Explorer und TC können das auf jeden Fall).
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providers.xml im Unterverzeichnis mapsOnline/custom
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TXs, Menion. After deleting this 1.1 GB sync.db and adding a test waypoint and later deleting that one again, my sync.db is 4kB. And the operation is correctly showing "uploading" or so in the first place.
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I have the same impression, although from another scenario. Locus running in the background as a service basically 7 x 24 (even when not out of the house), over time it will eat up memory. This makes some popup menus pure white. Most of the cases it recovers some time later, but sometimes I need to restart Locus to get it back "on track".
As memory leaks are one of the hardest things to catch in development, I recommend to switch off shading while traveling. For planning I understand shading is very helpful. While "executing" it's not, for sure not when you go 100 mph + :-)))
Anyway, just my 2c, trying to "buy time" until resolution, which might take quite some time.

PS: I am not claiming that shading IS the culprit, but for sure it is a load for battery and memory alike, hence low hanging fruit - without guarantees, though ...
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Nach einem ausführlichen Beta-Test wurde gestern die neue Locus-4-Version in Google PlayStore veröffentlicht, die es erlaubt Locus auf /Android/media zu beheimaten.
Damit kannst Du mit TC, x-plore und anderen fähigen Dateimanagern noch zugreifen (wobei ich dies mit Android 14 noch nicht selbst testen konnte, aber mit Android 13, das ja weitere Restriktionen einführte selbst im Vergleich zum schon bescheuerten Android 11, was die vermeintliche "Sicherheit" betrifft).
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Other features / Re: Online search
March 17, 2024, 20:39:48
For Android there is still the option to have Google results via API, free of charge (as per Menion, last year's discussion).

But it is a decision by the Asammm search folks to not integrate that. It would be easy to merge those  results or keep this Google search as an additional option in your list, druki.

The earlier argument that Android and iOS should have same features is not valid anyways and a pretty bad excuse. Because the feature set for iOS will be smaller, for many years to come.

A solid search feature incl. Google search API is simply a question of will, not effort or anything else, I think.
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I triggered this feature years ago and have been happy ever since, although I have 1000s of tracks in the database. You see about 10 tracks in the result list, and they are properly ordered by increasing distance.
So, what's the problem, as the distance is indicated in red in the second results line.

Ich habe diese Funktion vor Jahren angestoßen und bin seitdem sehr zufrieden damit, obwohl ich Tausende von Tracks in der Datenbank habe. In der Ergebnisliste werden etwa 10 Titel angezeigt, und sie sind korrekt nach zunehmender Entfernung geordnet. Wo also ist das Problem, insbesondere da die Entfernung in rot in der zweiten Zeile angegeben wird.
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Locus Map / Re: [APP] - version 4.21.+ ( 1/2024 )
February 17, 2024, 07:46:25
Wow, Locus root directory on Android/media!
That solves the Locus photo access, too, I suppose.
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Maps / Re: Problem with online map source
February 03, 2024, 17:42:13
Maps / Re: Problem with online map source
February 03, 2024, 13:49:45
The URL string has to have x/y (lon/lat) included. Are they in the right place (order)?
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Arghhhh, meine Formulierung in Post #16 war etwas mehrdeutig. Mein Thema waren die Dateinamen und Umrisse der jeweiligen Karten, nicht deren Karten- oder POI-Inhalte für die abgedeckten Flächen!
D.h. es gibt nicht für jede OAM-Karte eine LoMap mit gleichem (Außen-) Zuschnitt; und umgekehrt. Für die meisten aber sehr wohl.
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If there is a recovery possible or not totally depends on the backup strategy you employed over the years:
- if you had set up the Locus backup to Google Drive, you are fine
- if you had the backup to another folder on the old Pixel and copied manually (does not sound like that, though), you'd be fine as well
- if you have LM 4 Gold with tracks and points replicated into the Locus remote storage, you'd be fine, too (but would have noticed on the new device, I suppose, as Locus should download the stuff)
- if you have another third party cloud feed for tracks (and maybe points), there is a way at least.
The POI and the track databases reside in /Android/data/ folder.
If you should have zip backup files from Locus, you can re-import them from Locus.
If you have only gpx or kml files from somewhere, you can import them into Locus and re-populate its database.
Other than above, I fear your tracks would be history.

Any more thoughts from a Locus export colleague?
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Das sind die Neuigkeiten:
- Der OAM-Hintergrund für ZL 8 und höher ist jetzt aus Christians Dezember-2023-Vektorkarten generiert (ausgenommen der Nahe Osten, für den die OSM-Vandalismus-Reparatur noch immer andauert; Status ist dort Sept. 2023).
- In Zoom-Level 5 bis 7 werden Ländergrenzen in rot eingezeichnet und Regionen (in Russland), Teilstaaten (in USA) und Provinzen (in Brasilien und Kanada) in violett.
-Die Anzeige von Ortschaften wurde von Stand 2021 auf den aktuellen Stand gebracht nach einigen Korrekturen und Aufräumarbeiten. Falls dabei etwas schiefging, bitte ich um Nachricht. Danke.
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These are the news:
- The OAM background from ZL 8 and up now is rendered from the December 2023 edition of Christian's OAM vector maps (except Near East, for which the OSM vandalism repair is still ongoing - status there is Sept. 2023).
- In ZL 5 to 7 country borders are shown in red, while regions (in Russia), states (in US) and provinces - Settlement rendering was updated from 2021 state uo current, after a number of corrections and cleanups. If you spot something that went wrong, pls. let me know. Thank you.
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Locus Map / Re: [APP] - version 4.20.+ ( 11/2023 )
December 27, 2023, 17:24:33
While this is good news, it does not resolve the dilemma: if you want to have all your track history with you (without sharing it with the world in some online service), you have to swallow enpormous backups in every cycle.
That is something only Menion can fix, right?
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