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Tools / Re: c-me live tracking
August 15, 2017, 12:42:37
Many thanks for your fast reply, and sorry for my very late reply.
All clear, problem was on my side due to my own stupidity.
Locus was reporting that the position was sent, therefore I was not giving enough attention to Locus c-me setup.
I deleted c-me from Locus live tracking, added it again, and same problem, Locus apparently sending the position but nothing on c-me web site..
After several attempts I realized that a blank space existed in the Locus PID field before the first character of the default PID "your PID". Therefore replacing each visible character of this field by my PID was in fact letting this blank space in front of my PID, therefore invalidating it.
Thanks again and best regards
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Free chat / Locus on Windows PC
February 16, 2017, 22:01:24
I didn't know where to share this information in case it could be of use to anybody, so I decided that this forum section could be the less misguided location.
I use Locus on my phones, all with small screens as my outdoor activities will not allow a large screen phone to survive longer than a few days!
I wanted to have the benefits of Locus at home on a much larger screen, preferably on my Windows PC.
I could not find any Windows application that could compete with Locus (GMapCatcher is quite good , but definitively less user friendly and with less possibilities than Locus).
I have been using for several months Bluestacks (several versions with several Locus versions) with success. The only complain being a rather sluggish Locus on my rather old dual core 2GHz Windows PC (windows 7 at first and now 10).
I came today across Remix, an Android based operating system for PC.
I gave it a try and I was nicely surprised. Locus runs very smoothly.
Comparison of Bluestacks (version and Remix (version  3.0.207):
- Installation: both very easy
- Performance: Remix much better on an old PC, on all applications, including Locus.
- Interface: both are OK, but Remix has a better compatibility with AZERTY keyboards.
- Usage: Bluestacks runs within Windows, and therefore the user can work on Android applications and Windows applications within the same session: Bluestacks in just an other application window. Remix is an independent OS, the user must decide to boot to Windows or to Remix (the choice is available on the Windows 10 startup screen once Remix has been installed) and therefore can only work with Android or with Windows applications, not simultaneously on both.
- Access to the PC files: although Bluestacks has significantly improved the access to Windows files, it is still necessary to modify Windows registry to personalize the Windows folder that can be accessed by Bluestacks. Remix being and independent OS has complete access to all Windows directories.
- Update: I never had a problem when installing a newer version of Bluestacks atop an old one: applications, network parameters and Google credentials were kept. Remix being an independent OS, I believe that installing a newer version of Remix will imply to reinstall all Android elements, similar to changing a phone.
If anybody has questions, don't hesitate, I will perhaps be able to answer.

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