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Michael, in the test directory, is a Beta version with
- logs
- a little optimized caching of HGT files

Give it a try. If consumption will be the same, please enable "Log to file" and create a small log for me, thanks!
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The world map in V3 is not a problem. Simply download and set as a "world map" in the settings.
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Hi guys,
bug-fix version 4.17.1/3.68.1 published!
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Hi guys,

hmm, I may suggest a
- check used map theme (in the side map content panel)
- download from the Store "World map" and set it in the app settings > Maps > Advanced > Pre-load global map (this should be done automatically, I know). This should highly improve your 90km resolution
- or using online LoMaps
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Android version should make no difference. Anyway, the app currently loads HGT files into memory and then computes elevation from these in-memory files. I have a suspicion, that aggressive memory management force app to discard these loaded files and app then has to re-load them again ... and again. So I've added some logs into the app to see, how often app re-loads these files from disk. The beta will be published, hmm hopefully tomorrow ...
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Thanks for the log Michael. Unfortunately, I see nothing useful inside ...

Will have to try on another device next few days because on my main Pixel5, no problem as I wrote before. Still, no idea why this should happen ...

Btw. you are using 1" files from Sonny from here right > Germany DTM 1" ?

EDIT: I've added some more log messages into the app, so in the next Beta version, "Log to file" may produce some more info. I have one idea what may cause it so want to try.
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Other features / Re: Online search
May 22, 2023, 21:55:49
Hi guys, I have to post a few info here as well  ;)

Google API for search is not technically available to us. Its license for public API prohibits us to use it on our server. It should be also complicated to merge these results into our LoPoints system, but it is another story ...

Google search system was anyway used in the app till now, right? It was because Locus Map used a system directly integrated into the Android and that is free to use for any Android device.

Anyway, we are here creating a united search system on our server, that will be able to use more sources, user history and later also user-based personalization and return the best possible result to the user. This is not possible to do on the device => simply: Google API can't be used because of technical and license limitations. This is the fact, sorry.
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@Andrew Heard
Missing values in magnifier ... well, we may consider it as bug, but on the background, it is a technical limitation of the system I choose, sorry.

I've written about it in a different topic. How V4 maps & LoPoints work is not a bug! V4 maps never supported direct connection to offline LoPoints. Offline LoPoints were always rendered by the last used V3 theme even if the V4 map & theme were active!!

We have prepared a method to customize this behavior but it is not (yet) public.

Ah, I now see that @john_percy answered correctly. Yup, we will definitely make this system public.

"the most useless button" - you mean the "Main menu"? It has had this option already for some time ;).
Joeloc, don't be an ass too much, please. If you noticed, I've already added quite a lot of options mainly because You needed them and because I understand the problem you try to solve. On the second side, there won't be many people who use the app the way you do, that is the fact. So do not expect I'll modify "Locus Map" to "Joeloc map", sorry. And yes, the option to auto-hide the "Copyright button", btw. from my point of view very important button that respects ownership of the content authors, will be added in the next app version.

interesting. We were fighting a similar issue on the help desk a few days ago. The result was that with Google TTS it does not work and with Samsung TTS it worked correctly. I see no problem on my device, interesting. May you please try to change a TTS engine? Thanks.

already reported (also in a new Search-only topic), thanks.
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Babyblue :D , I like blue since begin, sorry @T-mo 8)

@Andrew Heard
hmm, when I enable highlight by cursor or tap, they'll also start to be selectable and this complicates life a lot.
Anyway, these texts are influenced by Settings > Maps > Auxiliary graphics > text size.
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Hallo, wirklich interessant. Wenn der Bildschirm eingeschaltet ist, sollte die App immer GPS-Standort erfordern (wenn in der skyplot aktiviert) und natürlich, aktualisieren Sie es auf der Karte. Warum das bei Dir nicht passiert > habe ich keine Ahnung, sorry.

Deshalb möchte ich hier helfen. Am besten wäre es, dieses Problem zu simulieren, aber es passiert mir nie, also ist es ziemlich kompliziert, etwas damit anzufangen. Sollen wir hoffen, dass es ein seltenes, einmaliges Problem war? :D
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nope, sorry.
This one should be less disturbing and helps to distinguish really active content on the screen (buttons) from the simple toolbar.
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Locus Map icon?  :)
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thanks, I'll look at it.

ah understand. This is the correct behavior for now. Offline LoPoints has its own theme independent of the selected map theme. This is currently hardcoded in the app, but we are prepared to make this system public and allow the full setup of offline LoPoints for every theme.


And that's all folks ... 4.17 is here.
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Locus Map / [APP] - version 4.17.+ ( 5/2023 )
May 16, 2023, 12:25:26
New Locus Map (4) version

Important links
- list of news of public versions
- Public versions
- Beta versions

16. 5. 2023 - Locus 4.17.0
24. 5. 2023 - Locus 4.17.1
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Hi guys,
some crashes and problems/questions regards the search should be solved or discussed by Marek and Radim in a separate topic. Thanks for your help here!


- so the last used point folder will be saved only when you confirm the point to edit.
- recording button with 50% opacity > I think this still won't solve your "burning" issue, so the best is really using a side panel with an auto-hide option.

So the only that remains is the copyright button ... hmm, there will be also a solution I believe.

notification on the new Beta version is not available, but I more and more think, it will be needed. Also for the AFA version!

Adding a "hidden WPT" > interesting. I have no such problem. May you post a GC code of the cache so I test it on the same point? Is it downloaded over Locus Map and stored in the database?

thanks for the detailed description of the "double-point problem". I've noted it and will look at it.

@Viajero Perdido
All themes were temporarily removed from the Locus Store and @voldapet is migrating them (or helping theme authors migrate) to the new V4 system.

Also, I really would like to add more nice themes to the Store (mainly now, when the system for themes is identical to other apps), so anyone interested in publishing theme over Locus Store, feel free to contact Petr.

side "Map content" panel is in rewrite - it will be introduced in the next version.

I'm a little lost here. The first screenshot is a new LoMap with offline LoPoints? Where these icons are from? :). Looks like your own personal points.

@Michael Bechtold
Eh, never saw such a destroyed device ... I forget to respond to your email from April, sorry.
There is nothing to see in the log and can't imagine what the app has to do, to consume 24% of battery/h when the screen is off and the battery is disabled. Maybe if I integrate some Bitcoin miner, but it isn't there, I promise.

The app consumes so much battery for you even during normal daily usage? So even if you simply open the app and just watch the map?

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