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Za málo. Vyzkoušej a uvidíš. Přeci jen je to celkem nově dělané, takže co si budeme nalhávat ... určitě bude prostor pro vylepšení či vyjasnění.
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As we discussed in the "App update" topic, this should be correctly solved now. Thanks!
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Hmm, the problem with incorrect navigation instructions won't go away without some work. Anyway, it is clear, that I really need to be able to simulate this issue  :-\

Geocaching troubles > I've tried to describe it together with images here. Any yes, removing G4L seems to be the best solution now ...
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@Graf Geo
problem with incorrect order of nav. points > should be fixed

missing path in the new gallery to attachments > added "Info" dialog

update of geocaches > there were some updates of Geocaching4Locus and if I am correct, the last one fixed this.
lab caches > and do you have disabled "Incl. found by me" at the end of the filter?

it is important to tell me if the feature comes from Geocaching4Locus or internal Locus Map. If you are un-sure, from where you start not working feature?
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Track recording causes no problems. My test setup used an active navigation with many recalculations (maybe 30+ during a 45 min ride). So I believe it will be connected. Anyway, I promise I'll look at it during the next weeks ...
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Locus Map / [APP] - version 4.23.+ ( 04/2023 )
April 08, 2024, 16:12:40
New Locus Map (4) version

Important links
- list of news of public versions
- Public versions
- Beta versions

8. 4. 2024 - Locus 4.23.0
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thanks for the tests! And "Presets" ... good old topic. We'll have to think about them more later. The current solution is usable, but has mainly these limits > a limited number of available items to cover all possible use-cases.

@Graf Geo
thanks for the tests as well, perfect.
Empty base map ... damn, why this does not happen to me  >:(. I'm sorry, but I still have no clue why this happens, because if you see the map on the screen or in the top panel, than it should be available here.

Huge "sync.db" > this happen because of the problem we discussed on the help desk. This file contains the history of all your sync tasks! My file after all years with sync has 350kb! Delete it, it may cause no problem. And you may watch it to see if sync finally behaves correctly for you.

error in GC live map > got it, fixed, thanks.

seconds > no please  :o ... anyone really interested in these values? Eh, no  :)
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Beta version just uploaded to Google Drive, with a long list of fixes.

If there won't be any serious issues, I would like to publish it to Google Play next week.
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Thanks John, I've found a possible reason. The next version next week, as you already know.
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Hello John,
thanks, this should already be solved and will be published in the next app version next week.
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Hallo Oliver,
danke, ich habe es verstanden, guter Punkt!!

Du hast importierte oder aufgezeichnete Routen im Planer geöffnet. Segmente dieser Route und nicht von der Route generiert, so dass sie nicht aus den Shaping-Punkten im Web neu generiert werden können. Es ist teilweise im Freigabedialog geschrieben, aber nicht genau. Ich werde versuchen, es ein wenig zu verbessern.

Was Sie tun können, um eine Strecke so zu teilen, wie sie ist: Öffnen Sie das importierte Streckendetail und wählen Sie unten Share > Share by link. Dadurch wird das gesamte Streckenobjekt freigegeben, also genau das, was Sie sehen, mit allen Streckenmetadaten und der genauen Geometrie.

Original EN
Hello Oliver,
thanks, I got it, good point!!

You've opened imported or recorded routes in the planner. Segments of this route and not generated by the route so they can't be re-generated from the shaping points on the web. It is partially written in the sharing dialog, but not precisely. I'll try to improve it a little.

What you may do to share a route as is: open the imported track detail and at the bottom use Share > Share by link. This will share the whole track object, so exactly what you see with all track metadata and precise geometry.
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Hi guys,
you are both correct. There seems to be some inconsistency when exporting attachments. I've improved it, so give a try to the next (Beta) version. Thanks a lot!
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thanks for the map & theme. I'm unfortunately still unable to simulate it. This happened some time ago, but I hoped, it is fixed, hmm.

Hagen trip > I'm getting a nice 5.5h when using LoRouter . For me, a priority now is to fine-tune LoRouter times & parameters. We may look at BRouter later...

@Graf Geo
ah, thanks and sorry you had to describe it "again". I've forgotten to instructions generator  ::). The "Navigation" button in the toolbar is a shortcut to start the navigation immediately, without the "Navigation/guidance chooser". And yes, there was an issue. Fixed, thanks!

thanks, got it. Check please Beta tomorrow (or Friday) or there will be for 90% new public version on Google Play next week.
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Hallo Leute, ich konnte das gleiche Problem auf meinem eigenen Tablet simulieren. Es scheint auf jeden Fall ein Problem im System-Dateibrowser zu sein. Die einzige Lösung, die für mich funktioniert, ist das Entfernen des Filters, der definiert, welche Dateien ausgewählt werden können. So wird es in der nächsten Version möglich sein, auch Dateien auszuwählen, die für Locus Map keinen Sinn ergeben. Leider. Aber besser, als keine GPX-Dateien auswählen zu können :).

Original EN
Hi guys, I was able to simulate the same issue on my own tablet. This anyway seems to be an issue in the system file-browser. The only fix that works for me, is to remove the filter that defines, which files may be selected. So in the next version, it will be possible to select even files, that do not make sense to Locus Map. Unfortunately. But better, than not being able to select GPX files  :).
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Bitte probieren Sie die LocusClassic APK von unserem Google Drive aus.

Es gibt eine korrigierte Beta-Version, die höchstwahrscheinlich nächste Woche veröffentlicht werden wird.
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