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Other features / Re: Online search
March 17, 2024, 13:47:34
Quote from: T-mo on March 12, 2024, 23:05:55I searched for
and get results at 8th position very far away, 1000s of km, france, congo, kenya..
With 'bier' 1st suggestion might be a category like pub, food&drink, Trinkhalle..something with some very basic logic.
#filterchain 8)

In my eyes the mixup of different searches in one new "online search" is maybe good for "getting any result", but it is hard as a user to understand that there are "different context of the results" (is it a category? or a POI found somewhere in the Locus World? or is it a result of a dedicated location search of a framework/Internetservice?). This mixup of context is for me one reason why it is so difficult as a user to explain how the current new online search can be improved (most users that complain probably just want it "better" - they don't want to think about context - but the new online search feels "be forced to provide only small junks of context information as a global result"). To make it short: I have trouble finding good results! I started using workarounds for having good results™ like...

1. using Locus Offline POI database navigation in categories with nearby list and map display (good for finding OSM maintained data like museum, toilet, pub - hey, distances to map center works here correctly! - you only have to learn your favourite categories),
2. switching to Wikipedia search in Locus (good for finding sightseeing locations, correct distances),
3. using offline address search in Locus (good for finding addresses in OSM data - exact spelling necessary, choosing north/south of a country is a try&error method),
4. search in google maps and open the location in Locus (good for finding the best results - handling is not the easiest solution because of the media break)

Ideas: If results should include a mixup of different sources, there could be a ranking algorithm that matches "the real needs of the users". If this is not possible or  additionally, it could be more easy to switch fast between the usecases like category search, name of POI search, address search (one that is working like a charm), sightseeing search by Wiki etc.). Single search usecases by those sources as usable symbols for the toolbars would be loveley.
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I have 35 LoMaps for Offline use (Version 4.19, Gold Abo). From time to time there are updates for the maps. At some maps, the button is labeled "update", at other maps, the button is labeled "download". What is the difference?
I assume, both buttons will cause the map manager to download the newest map from the Locus server and install it locally to replace the older existing map. But I would like to know why the labeling is different. Has it something to do woth also inclided OffliePOI or navigation data or something else?
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