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V. start without crash. Top
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Locus Map Watch / Re: Locus Waer available Data fields to display
« on: February 12, 2019, 16:49:49 »
Hi Milan.
Thanks for your reply.

Seems everything is in except of "slope" .

Already any ideas, when it could be possible implemented?

Thanks for your suggestion, but using another phone does not solve me y issue:
I would like to have a device , which has a display permanently on.
Just like a standard old fashion bike computer.

So my optimum would be:
- a small smart phone with
- ANT+ sensors connected, with
- huge battery power
- ruining Locus with
- display always on in bright mode
- for several hours
- waterproof

But I did not found anything like this jet. 8)

So, a simple smart watch with the Locus Wear App connected to my  Nokia, will maybe a possible compromise.

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Again thanks for the reply.

Just my 2 pence:
Why we do track recording? >>> To keep the data, to look at the staistics, to share or to reuse them later.

So I think it is quite natural, direct after stop and save the  recording, to have a look at the new created data, like distance , elevation gain or elevation diagram. This all is shown in the "Track details" screen.

It can be closed by just one click on the back button.

If I need to open the "Track details" manual from the map window it takes me definitive more steps (3-4) depending on the number of tracks overlapping in my current view.

So for my point of view, open the "Track details" screen automatically after saving the track is the smarter way, then returning to map first.

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Hi Menion,
thanks for your reply.

Settings for auto export are ok. Nothing to bother with.

But what I'm looking for is as follow:
1. Stop Recording
2. Provide "name" and "folder" and  save the track
3. After that the "Track-detail" screen for the just saved track should open, so that I can look directly at my data.... and there is no need to search/reopen for the saved track.

I think it works like this in the past...and a friend of mine also confirmed this.

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