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I'm on 4.17.2 and a gold subscriber.

I can confirm that when i toggle in the side bar, offline poi. With an offline map (your lomap as and example) the points appear and disappear as expected.
When I use an online map again your own supplied map as an example, toggling offline poi doesn't allow them to appear.

An example area with many historic mine adits and shafts.
N 54° 41.980', W 003° 04.946'

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I've come across another if you think it's ok, that generally gives me landmarks for walking that exists in the XML file

amenity=hunting_stand which to us in the uk is almost exclusively a Grouse Butt.

Thanks Jeff

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Can someone explain why I'm getting an item, in this instance a toilet, displaying multiple times, sometimes with the same or different graphics.
It feels like I've got 3 maps here, but only 1 displaying?
Can I disable the other 2? How do I understand which is from where?

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